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28 November 2011

Dear user of,

We are happy to announce new version of In this update, we have updated some features, added new features, and deprecated some features.

New Features

  • completely new database
    We have updated the database of this dictionary. The database is completely new. It was generated automatically by `machine learning`. And we plan to update this database regularly each quarter.
  • new interface
    We have updated the web interface with bigger font size. Hope you all enjoy this new interface.
  • automatically translation
    We are still developing application which can translate language automatically just like Google Translate does. It is still in alpha version state. You can see our application action by translating `less than 10 words` sentence.
  • auto complete keyword suggestion
    We added new auto complete suggestion at the search form. It is not perfect yet, but we hope it will help you to spell the keyword.
  • new logo
    Yes we've updated our logo.

Updated Features

  • English to English Dictionary
    We have completely updated how this English to English dictionary works.
  • alternatives for long sentence translation
    Since Google no longer provides free translation API, we can't provide you the alternative translations.
    As stated above, we are still developing `Google Translate like` application; we hope that we can launch the full version in February 2012.

Deprecated Feature

  • SederetBrowser
    This application is deprecated. SederetBrowser is still working, but you can no longer download this application. We plan to replace this application with 'offline automatically translation software' just like Google Translate but offline (without internet connection). We plan to launch this application in mid-2012.

Those are some of our updates. We hope that our site helping you a lot. We are trying hard to serve you better.

Any bad translation, please report to:

Thank You,

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