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10 Contoh Descriptive Text dalam Bahasa Inggris

Descriptive text adalah salah satu genre tulisan. Tulisan dengan genre ini berisi deskripsi dari sesuatu benda, bentuk benda, lokasi benda, karakteristik, sifat dari benda tersebut, dan lain-lain.

Tulisan dengan genre descriptive text bertujuan untuk menggambarkan dengan detil dan jelas tentang sesuatu yang menjadi topik tulisan.

Untuk lebih jelas, silakan lihat apa itu descriptive text.

Generic Structure

Struktur umum dari descriptive text antara lain:

  • Identification. Bagian ini menerangkan benda apa yang akan dideskripsikan.
  • Description. Bagian ini merupakan deskripsi benda tersebut, berisi detil karakteristik, sifat, dll.

Contoh Descriptive Text

  1. Descriptive Text of Sheep
    Deskripsi dari domba ini diambil dari buku Tame Animals. Tulisan di bawah mendeskripsikan di mana domba bisa ditemukan, bagian tubuhnya digunakan untuk apa, dll.


    The Sheep is found in every quarter of the globe, and is one of the most profitable animals that mankind possesses.

    His flesh is eaten by the inhabitants of all nations, and, as you know, is called mutton.

    The wool of the Sheep is very valuable, and most of our clothing is made from it: that produced by the breed called Merino sheep is particularly fine, and fetches a high price.

    The skin is also of service, and forms covers for many of your school-books. Sheep-washing and shearing are busy times for the farmer, and are very interesting sights.

    Young sheep are called lambs—you have often seen the gentle little things skipping about in the meadows.

  2. Descriptive Text of Cow
    Tulisan di bawah mendeskripsikan tentang sifat sapi, seperti karakteristik tanduk sapi, berapa banyak susu yang bisa diperah, dll. Tulisan ini diambil dari buku Tame Animals.


    Cows are very useful to mankind, in supplying them with milk from which both butter and cheese are made.

    Their young ones are called calves, and the flesh of calves is veal. A good Cow will give about fifteen or more quarts of milk a day, but much depends upon the quality of the pasture she feeds upon.

    Her age is told by her horns; after she is three years old a ring is formed every year at the root of the horn, so that by counting the number of circles, her age may be exactly known.

    Cows are sometimes prettily marked with black, brown, and yellow spots, and, as they lie scattered about a green meadow, add much to the charms of a landscape.

  3. Descriptive Text of Jug
    Tulisan di bawah dibuat dalam bentuk sajak atau rhyme, yang mendeskripsikan tentang jug. Tulisan di bawah diambil dari buku The Tiny Picture Book.


    JUGS that we use are chiefly made
    Of stone or earthen ware;
    We find them very useful, and
    Must handle them with care.
    But jugs are sometimes used by men,
    To hold their rum or gin—
    These are temptations, children dear;
    Pray to be kept from sin.

  4. Descriptive Text of Melon
    Walaupun tulisan di bawah dalam bentuk sajak atau rhyme, namun sajak di bawah berhasil mendeskripsikan sifat-sifat buah melon, seperti tumbuh di mana, cara berbuahnya, dll.  Sajak ini diambil dari buku The Tiny Picture  Book.


    MELONS do in the garden grow,
    And very fine are they;
    Cool and refreshing to the taste,
    Upon a summer’s day.
    And melons grow upon a vine
    That creepeth on the ground;
    Amidst the green and silky leaves,
    The rich, ripe fruit is found.

  5. Descriptive Text of Scorpion
    Tulisan di bawah mendeskripsikan tentang karakteristik kalajengking, tempat tinggal kalajengking, ukuran, dll. Deskripsi di bawah diambil dari buku The History of Insects.


    This is one of the largest of the insect tribe. It is met with in different countries, and of various sizes, from two or three inches to nearly a foot in length: it somewhat resembles a lobster, and casts its skin, as the lobster does its shell.

    Scorpions are common in hot countries: they are very bold and watchful: when any thing approaches, they erect their tails, and stand ready to inflict the direful sting. In some parts of Italy and France, they are among the greatest pests that plague mankind: they are very numerous, and are most common in old houses, in dry or decayed walls, and among furniture, insomuch that it is attended with, much danger to remove the same: their sting is generally a very deadly poison, though not in all cases, owing to a difference of malignity of different animals, or some other cause.

    In the time of the children of Israel, scorpions were a plague in Egypt and Canaan, as appears by the sacred writings.

  6. Descriptive Text of Honey Bee
    Tulisan yang diambil dari buku The History of Insects ini, menceritakan tentang karakteristik dari lebah madu,seperti jenis-jenis lebah madu.

    Honey Bee

    This is an extraordinary, curious, and remarkably industrious little insect, to which mankind are indebted for one of the most palatable and wholesome sweets which nature affords; and which was one of the choice articles with which the promised land was said to abound.

    In every hive of bees, there are three kinds; the queen, the drones, and the labourers: of these last, there are by far the greatest number: and as cold weather approaches, they drive from the hives and destroy the drones, that have not laboured in summer, and will not let them eat in winter.

    If bees are examined through a glass hive, all appears at first like confusion: but, on a more careful inspection, every animal is found regularly employed. It is very delightful, when the maple and other trees are in bloom, or the clover in the meadows, to be abroad and hear their busy hum.

  7. The Polar Bear
    Tulisan yang diambil dari buku Book about Animals by Rufus Merrill ini, bercerita tentang sifat-sifat beruang kutub, seperti tempat tinggalnya, makanannya, dll.

    The Polar Bear

    The Polar Bear is distinguished for his tremendous ferocity. They are very numerous in the polar seas. There it is seen not only on land and fixed ice, but on floating ice several leagues out at sea.

    At sea, the food of this animal is fish, seals, and the carcases of whales; on land, it preys upon deer and other animals, and will, like the Black Bear, eat many kinds of berries. In winter, it beds itself deeply under the snow or eminences of ice, and awaits, in a torpid state, the return of the sun.

    The Black Bear lives in the woods of the United States, and is not as large as the Polar or Brown Bear, but lives very much like the Polar bear.

  8. Descriptive Text of Ourang Outang
    Tulisan tentang orangutan ini diambil dari buku Book about Animals by Rufus Merrill. Tulisan ini mendeskripsikan ciri-ciri orangutan seperti tinggi badan, ukuran tangan dan kaki, dll.


    The Ourang Outang is a species of the ape; it has long arms and hands, with very long fingers. It is much larger than the ape, and some have been found about six feet high, when standing erect.

    It is capable of walking nearly erect; but the usual gait on the ground is like a cripple who supports himself on his hands, and draws his body forward.

    Its home, like the monkey family, seems to be on the trees. The hair is of a brownish red color, and covers his back, arms, legs, and the outside of his hands and feet.

    The face has no hair except whiskers on its side. He inhabits Malacca, Cochin China, and particularly the island of Borneo.

  9. Descriptive Text of Swinging Rope
    Tulisan di bawah mendeskripsikan detil ayunan yang baik, seperti tinggi, panjang tali, sudut, dll. Tulisan ini diambil dari buku A Catalogue of Play Equipment by Jean Lee Hunt.


    Upright–3″ x 3″ x 6′-9″.

    Top Piece–3″ x 3″ x 2′-9″.

    Upright and top piece are mortised or halved and bolted together.

    Bracing at top (3″ x 3″ x 20½” at long point of mitre cuts) is nailed to top piece and upright at an angle of about 45 degrees.

    Upright rests on a base measuring 3′-0″. This is mortised together and braced with 2″ x 3″ material about 20″ long, set at an angle of about 60 degrees.

    Unless there are facilities for bracing at the top, as shown in the cut, the upright should be made longer and buried about 3′ in the ground.

    The swinging rope (¾” dia.) passes through a hole bored in the top piece and held in place by a knot. Successive knots tied 8″ to 9″ apart and a big knot at the bottom make swinging easier for little folks.

  10. Descriptive Text of Gemini
    Tulisan berikut merupakan deskripsi dari rasi bintang Gemini, yang diambil dari buku A Field Book of the Stars by William Tyler Olcott.

    GEMINI (jem´-i-ni)—THE TWINS. (Face West.)

    Location.—A line drawn from β to κ Ursæ Majoris and prolonged an equal distance ends near Castor, in Gemini. Gemini is characterized by two nearly parallel rows of stars.

    The northern row if extended would reach Taurus, the southern one Orion. Note the fine cluster 35 M. Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 a short distance southwest of it.

    Two wonderful streams of little stars run parallel northwest on each side of the cluster. Where the ecliptic crosses the solstitial colure is the spot where the sun appears to be when it is farthest north of the equator, June 21st.

    Castor is a fine double for a telescope, and Pollux has three little attendant stars. An isoceles triangle is formed by Castor, Aldebaran in Taurus, and Capella in Auriga.

    There is a record of an occultation in Gemini noted about the middle of the fourth century b.c.

    The Arabs saw in this group of stars two peacocks, the Egyptians two sprouting plants, and the Hindus twin deities, while in the Buddhist zodiac they represented a woman holding a golden cord. Since classic times, however, the figure has always been that of human twins.

    At the point indicated near θ a new star was discovered by Enebo in March, 1912. It attained a maximum of about magnitude 3.5 and has at this writing waned to the eleventh magnitude.


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