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10 Contoh Procedure Text: How to Make Soup

Procedure Text adalah salah satu klasifikasi tulisan, yang berisi langkah demi langkah membuat sesuatu atau melakukan sesuatu. Tulisan tipe ini berupa panduan atau instruksi untuk melakukan sesuatu sesuai dengan prosedur.

Struktur dari teks tipe ini biasanya berisi (Generic Structure):

  • Judul atau Tujuan (purpose of the text)
  • Bahan atau Material (tidak semua mengandung bagian ini)
  • Langkah-langkah pengerjaan (hal yang perlu dilakukan)

Untuk lebih jelas tentang procedure text, silakan lihat link berikut!

How to Make Soup

Dalam artikel ini, kita akan memberikan contoh procedure text membuat sop. Resep membuat sop ini diambil dari beberapa buku klasik.

  1. Beef or Black Soup
    Resep sop berikut merupakan resep sop yang diambil dari buku The American Housewife.

    The shank of beef is the best part for soup—cold roast beef bones, and beef steak, make very good soup.

    Boil the shank four or five hours in water, enough to cover it.

    Half an hour before the soup is put on the table, take up the meat, thicken the soup with scorched flour, mixed with cold water, season it with salt, pepper, cloves, mace, a little walnut, or tomato catsup improves it, put in sweet herbs or herb spirit if you like.

    Some cooks boil onions in the soup, but as they are very disagreeable to many persons, it is better to boil and serve them up in a dish by themselves.

    Make force meat balls of part of the beef and pork, season them with mace, cloves, pepper, and salt, and boil them in the soup fifteen minutes.

  2. Noodle Soup
    Resep ini merupakan resep sop mie, yang diambil dari The International Jewish Cook Book by Florence K.G.

    For six persons, select a piece of meat off the neck, about two and one-half pounds; add three quarts of water, an onion, one celery root, two carrots, a large potato, some parsley, three tomatoes and the giblets of poultry.

    Cook in a closely covered kettle, letting the soup simmer for four or five hours.

    Remove every bit of scum that rises.

    Strain; add salt and remove every particle of fat; put in noodles; boil about five minutes and serve at once.

    If allowed to stand it will become thick.

  3. Potato Soup
    Berikut adalah resep sop kentang yang diambil dari buku Things Mother Used To Make by Lydia M.G.

    4 Potatoes 3 Pints of Milk Piece of Butter size of an Egg Small piece of Onion

    Take four large potatoes, boil until done and mash smooth, adding butter and salt to taste.

    Heat the milk in a double boiler, cook the onion in it a few minutes and then remove. Pour the milk slowly on the potato, strain, heat and serve immediately. Thicken with one tablespoonful of flour.

  4. Cream of Mushroom Soup
    Berikut adalah resep membuat sop jamur, diambil dari buku For Luncheon and Supper Guests by Alice B.

    – Stems from ½ pound mushrooms, add
    – Skins from mushrooms
    – 1 slice onion and
    – 3 cups chicken stock or 3 cups water in which carrots have been cooked, or 3 cups hot water in which 3 chicken bouillon cubes have been dissolved.

    Simmer 20 minutes and strain.

    – 4 tablespoons butter or margarine, add
    – 4 tablespoons flour mixed with
    – 1 ½ teaspoons salt and
    – ¼ teaspoon pepper.

    Add the strained stock and stir until soup boils. Add
    2 cups scalded milk, and when soup again boils, serve in bouillon cups.

    This may be served at another meal if preferred.

  5. Cream of Asparagus Soup
    Resep sop asparagus ini diambil dari buku Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners A Book of Recipes by Elizabet O.H.

    3 cups White Stock.
    1 bunch (or 1 can) asparagus.
    2 cups cold water.
    2 slices onion.
    4 tablespoons butter.
    4 tablespoons flour.
    1½ cups scalded milk.
    ½ cup hot cream.


    Wash, scrape and cut asparagus in one-inch pieces, reserve the tips.

    Cover with boiling salted water, cook ten minutes; drain, add stock and onion and cook until tender, rub through a sieve.

    Melt butter in a sauce pan, add flour, stir to a smooth paste; remove from fire and add first mixture slowly, stirring constantly.

    Season with salt and pepper, add hot milk and cream, continue stirring. Cook tips in boiling salted water until tender, drain.

    Turn soup into hot soup tureen, add tips and serve.

    If canned asparagus is used, drain from liquor, rinse, reserve tips and follow directions given in the foregoing.

  6. Ox-Tail Soup
    Resep sop buntut dari buku The Whitehouse Cookbook by F. L. Gillette.

    Two ox-tails, two slices of ham, one ounce of butter, two carrots, two turnips, three onions, one leek, one head of celery, one bunch of savory herbs, pepper, a tablespoonful of salt, two tablespoonfuls of catsup, one-half glass of port wine, three quarts of water.

    Cut up the tails, separating them at the joints; wash them, and put them in a stewpan with the butter.

    Cut the vegetables in slices and add them with the herbs. Put in one-half pint of water, and stir it over a quick fire till the juices are drawn.

    Fill up the stewpan with water, and, when boiling, add the salt.

    Skim well, and simmer very gently for four hours, or until the tails are tender. Take them out, skim and strain the soup, thicken with flour, and flavor with the catsup and port wine.

    Put back the tails, simmer for five minutes and serve.

    Another way to make an appetizing ox-tail soup.

    You should begin to make it the day before you wish to eat the soup.

    Take two tails, wash clean, and put in a kettle with nearly a gallon of cold water; add a small handful of salt; when the meat is well cooked, take out the bones.

    Let this stand in a cool room, covered, and next day, about an hour and a half before dinner, skim off the crust or cake of fat which has risen to the top.

    Add a little onion, carrot, or any vegetables you choose, chopping them fine first; summer savory may also be added.

  7. Bean Soup
    Ini adalah resep Italia yang diambil dari buku The Italian Cook Book by Maria G.

    One cup of dried beans, kidney, navy or lima is to be soaked over night. Then boil until tender. It is preferable to put the beans to cook in cold water with a pinch of soda. When they come to boil, pour off this water and add fresh.

    Chop fine ¼ onion, one clove of garlic, one sprig of parsley and one piece of celery and put them to fry in ¼ cup of oil with salt and a generous amount of pepper.

    When the vegetables are a delicate brown add to them two cups of the broth from the beans and 1 cup of tomatoes (canned or fresh).

    Let all come to a boil and pour the mixture into the kettle of beans from which some of the water has been drained, if they are very liquid.

    This soup may be served as it is or rubbed through a sieve before serving. Croutons or triangles of dry toast make an excellent addition.

    The bean soup is made without meat or chicken broth, and it belongs consequently to that class of soup called by the Italians “Minestra di Magro” or “lean soup,” to be served preferably on Friday and other days in which the Roman Catholic Church prohibits the use of meats.

  8. Vegetable Soup
    Berikut adalah resep sop sayuran yang diambil dari buku Mary at the Farm by Edith M. T.

    Slice thinly 3 potatoes, 3 carrots, 3 turnips, the undesirable parts of 2 heads of celery, 2 stalks of parsley and 3 onions.

    Cook the onions in a little butter until they turn a yellow brown, then add the other ingredients.

    Season well with salt and black pepper, also a pinch of red pepper. Put all together in a stew-pan, cover with three quarts of water, stand on range and simmer about three hours.

    Strain soup into stew-pan, place on range, and when hot add Marklose Balls.

  9. French Pea Soup
    Berikut adalah contoh sop kacang, yang diambil dari buku Mrs. Wilson’s Cook Book by M. A. Wilson.

    Soak one cup of dried peas over night and then in the morning drain and place in a saucepan, adding
    – Two quarts of water.

    Simmer gently until tender and then pass through a sieve and add
    – Two large onions, grated,
    – Two tablespoons of parsley, minced fine,
    – Six whole cloves,
    – One small bay leaf,
    – One-half cup of strained canned tomatoes.
    Simmer slowly for thirty minutes and then serve with toasted strips of bread

  10. Paradise Soup
    Resep sop dari Italia ini diambil dari buku Practical Italian Recipes for American Kitchens by Julia L. C.

    4 tablespoons sifted bread crumbs
    4 tablespoons grated cheese
    1 quart white soup stock or clear broth
    3 eggs
    Salt, pepper

    Beat the whites of the eggs, then beat in the yolks. Add the breadcrumbs gradually, then the grated cheese, a pinch of salt and a grating of nutmeg. These ingredients should form a thin batter.

    Have the broth boiling and drop the batter into it by spoonfuls. Let it boil three or four minutes and serve immediately. The batter will poach in soft, curdled lumps in the clear soup.

    This soup is much used as a delicacy for invalids. In this case the cheese may be scanted or omitted entirely. By way of variety a tablespoonful of finely chopped parsley may be added to the batter, or a half a cup of spinach drained and rubbed through a sieve may be substituted for half of the breadcrumbs.

    When stock or broth is not available, it may be made from bouillon cubes and a lump of butter dissolved in boiling water and seasoned with celery salt, onion salt and pepper.