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100 Contoh Kalimat Pasif dalam Bahasa Inggris (Passive Voice)

Kalimat pasif adalah salah satu bentuk kalimat dalam bahasa inggris yang sering digunakan dalam berbagai situasi.

Kalimat pasif memiliki ciri khas yaitu subjek kalimat tidak melakukan tindakan, melainkan menerima tindakan dari objek atau pelaku lain.

Kalimat pasif menggunakan kata kerja to be dan verb 3 (past participle) untuk menunjukkan waktu dan aspek tindakan.

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh kalimat pasif dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh Kalimat Pasif

  • A letter was written by her to her friend, telling her all about her travels.
  • The cat was chased around the yard by the dog, barking loudly.
  • A sandcastle was built on the beach by him, using a bucket and shovel.
  • The papers were graded by the teacher, marking them with a red pen.
  • A picture of the sunset was painted by her, using vibrant colors.
  • Dinner for his family was cooked by him, making a delicious lasagna.
  • A beautiful melody was played on the piano by the musician, moving the audience to tears.
  • The race was run in record time by the athlete, beating all of his competitors.
  • A garden was planted in her backyard by her, growing tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • A masterpiece was sculpted out of clay by the artist, capturing the essence of the human form.
  • A book about his life experiences was written by him, inspiring readers around the world.
  • Surgery was performed on the patient by the doctor, saving his life.
  • A website for her business was designed by her, showcasing her products and services.
  • A gourmet meal was prepared by the chef, using fresh ingredients and innovative techniques.
  • The leaky faucet in the bathroom was fixed by him, stopping the incessant dripping sound.
  • A complex routine was performed by the dancer, executing each move with precision and grace.
  • A charity event was organized by her, raising thousands of dollars for a worthy cause.
  • A stunning image of the mountain range was captured by the photographer, framing it perfectly.
  • A new machine that revolutionized the manufacturing industry was invented by him.
  • A moving tribute to his late mother was penned by the writer, honoring her memory.
  • A nonprofit organization to help those in need was founded by her, making a difference in the world.
  • Groundbreaking research was conducted by the scientist, discovering a cure for a deadly disease.
  • A film that won multiple awards was directed by him, showcasing his talent and vision.
  • A successful business from scratch was started by the entrepreneur, proving that anything is possible with hard work and determination.
  • A dance that told a powerful story was choreographed by her, eliciting strong emotions from the audience.
  • A bridge that withstood the test of time was designed by the engineer, ensuring safe passage for generations.
  • A team was coached to victory by him, instilling in them the values of teamwork and perseverance.
  • A line of clothing that set the trend for the season was created by the fashion designer, influencing the fashion industry.
  • A school for underprivileged children was founded by her, providing them with education and opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.
  • A building that blended seamlessly into its surroundings was designed by the architect, enhancing the beauty of the area.
  • The book was devoured by the avid reader, leaving behind dog-eared pages.
  • The stage was levitated upon by the magician, who disappeared into thin air.
  • A jazzy tune was serenaded to the moon by the saxophone player.
  • The warmth of the sun was basked in by the sunflowers, their faces turned upwards.
  • The prey was chased after by the cheetah, its speed unmatched.
  • Unsuspecting flies were caught by the intricate web spun by the spider.
  • Sweet nectar was drunk by the hummingbird, flitting from flower to flower.
  • A loud bang was produced by the popping balloon, startling everyone in the room.
  • The wind caused the tree to sway, its branches rustling softly.
  • The vast grasslands were claimed by the roaring lion, king of the jungle.
  • The field was galloped across by the horse, its mane flowing in the breeze.
  • A transformation was undergone by the caterpillar, emerging as a beautiful butterfly.
  • Its surroundings were surveyed by the owl, hooting softly.
  • Lava and ash were spewed into the air by the erupting volcano.
  • High above the clouds, the kite was soared with the wind, dancing gracefully.
  • Berries and fish were foraged for in the wilderness by the bear.
  • A French fry was stolen by the seagull, swooping down from above.
  • Down the rocks, a misty rainbow was created by the cascading waterfall.
  • Pollen was collected from the garden by the busy bumblebee.
  • The tree was split in half by the striking of the lightning.
  • The horn was honked and a swerve was made by the car to avoid collision.
  • The beauty of the Earth was marveled at by the astronaut, floating weightlessly in space.
  • A shower of colors was exploded into the night sky by the fireworks.
  • Destruction was left in its wake by the tornado, tearing through the town.
  • Prey was scanned for with its sharp vision by the eagle, soaring over the canyon.
  • The old building was cleared by the bulldozer, making way for new construction.
  • A hood was displayed and a hiss was made by the cobra, ready to strike.
  • The waves were ridden with skill and grace by the surfer, carving a path on the ocean.
  • Everything in its path was buried by the tumbling avalanche, down the mountain.
  • The meadow was leaped and chirped in by the grasshopper, enjoying the sunshine.
  • A mistake was made by me.
  • She was praised by her boss.
  • He was bitten by a snake.
  • They were invited to a party by their friends.
  • A story is being told by him.
  • She is being helped by him.
  • The food was cooked by her.
  • The painting had been finished by him.
  • A movie is being watched by them.
  • He is being taught English by her.
  • The phone was answered by him.
  • The letter was posted by her.
  • The game had been won by them.
  • A song was sung by him.
  • A letter was written by him.
  • She was given a nice present.
  • He was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.
  • They were told to be quiet by the teacher.
  • A cake is being baked by her.
  • He is being chased by a dog.
  • The window was broken by a ball.
  • The door was locked by someone.
  • The car had been stolen by thieves.
  • The book had been read by many people.
  • A new song is being sung by her.
  • He is being interviewed by a reporter.
  • The house was sold by an agent.
  • The flowers were watered by him.
  • The homework had been done by them.
  • The challenge must be embraced by me.
  • Hard work and dedication will be rewarded with greatness.
  • The unknown must not be feared by me.
  • My life can be taken charge of by me.
  • My goals can be reached with strength and courage.
  • My destiny can be created by me.
  • Life’s opportunities can be made the most of by me.
  • My potential can be unlocked by me.
  • My dreams can be made a reality by me.
  • The power of my own potential can be felt by me.
  • Life’s nuances can be captivated by me.
  • Challenges can be overcome by me.
  • Changes can be embraced by me.
  • My voice can be used to make a difference by me.
  • Fear must be never let stand in my way by me.
  • Dreams can be pursued by me.
  • My comfort zone can be pushed past by me.
  • Possibilities can be discovered by me.
  • My goals can be reached by me.
  • New experiences can be gained by me.
  • My own resilience can be increased by me.
  • My past can be defined by the future created by me.
  • Anything can be achieved by me.
  • My strength can be found by me.
  • My potential can be limited by no one.
  • Beauty can be found in any situation by me.
  • My progress can be hindered by no fear.
  • My own destiny can be taken control of by me.
  • My passions can be used to impact the world around me.
  • Excellence can be strived for by me.


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