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4 Contoh Dialog Inggris: Memperkenalkan Diri Informal & Formal (Introduction)

Setelah membuka percakapan dengan salam. Untuk yang belum kenal biasanya dilanjutkan dengan perkenalan.

Perkenalan dimulai dari memperkenalkan diri atau memperkenalkan orang lain yang bersamanya.

Dalam perkenalan ada perkenalan informal & informal. Perkenalan informal digunakan ketika memperkenalkan teman ke teman lainnya.

Sedangkan perkenalan formal digunakan untuk memperkenalkan diri atau orang lain kepada orang yang baru ditemui.

Berikut beberapa contoh percakapan formal & informal introduction. Beberapa percakapan di bawah diambil dari buku buku DIALOGS FOR EVERYDAY USE (Short Situational Dialogs for Students of English as a Foreign Language) by JULIA M. DOBSON,DEAN CURRY. [link]

Formal Introductions

Margaret: Mr. Wilson, I’d like you to meet Dr. Edward Smith.

Mr. Wilson: How do you do, Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith: How do you do.

Margaret: Dr. Smith is an economist. He’s just finished writing a book on international trade.

Mr. Wilson: Oh? That’s my field, too. I work for the United Nations.

Dr. Smith: In the Development Program, by any chance?

Mr. Wilson: Yes. How did you guess?

Dr. Smith: I’ve read your articles on technical assistance.

They’re excellent.


Formal Introductions

John: Excuse me, are you Dr. James?

Dr. James: Yes I am. Can I help you?

John: May I introduce ourself? I am John and this is my friend Jim. We are from a book fair organizer.

Dr. James: Hello John & Jim. How do you do.

Jim: How do you do. We are here to offer you a prime stand for your publications at our book fair.

Dr. James: It’s nice to hear an offer from you. But I am afraid I don’t have much time right now. Can you give the proposal to my secretary?

John: OK. I will give the proposal to your secretary.

Dr. James: Great. Nice to see you.

Jim: Goodbye. Pleased to meet you.


Informal Introductions

Jim: Who’s the tall girl next to Barbara?

Charles: That’s Mary Anderson. Didn’t you meet her at

Steve’s party?

Jim: No, I wasn’t at Steve’s party.

Charles: Oh! Then let me introduce you to her now. Mary,

this is my cousin Jim.

Mary: Hi,

Jim. I’m glad to meet you.

Jim: I’m glad to meet you. Can’t we sit down somewhere

and talk?

Mary: Sure, let’s sit over there.


Informal Introductions

John: What’s up bro!

Jack: Pretty good. How are you doing?

John: Fine. Who is with you?

Jack: Oh. Meet my cousin Jimmy, he came here to vacation.

John: Hello Jimmy, nice to meet you. I am John.

Jimmy: Hello John, glad to see you. Call me Jim.

John: Got to go now.

Jack: OK. See you!

John+Jimmy: See you!


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