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9 Contoh Dialog Inggris: Menanyakan Jam/Waktu (About Time)

Menanyakan waktu bisa digunakan pada saat tertentu dalam dialog. Sebagai basa-basi atau memang ingin tahu waktunya.

Ada kalanya sebelum memperkenalkan diri dan pembicaraan menjadi serius, kita perlu basa-basi sekedar untuk membuka percakapan dengan menanyakan jam.

Berikut beberapa contoh dialog/percakapan menanyakan waktu atau jam. Beberapa percakapan di bawah diambil dari buku buku DIALOGS FOR EVERYDAY USE (Short Situational Dialogs for Students of English as a Foreign Language) by JULIA M. DOBSON,DEAN CURRY. [link]


What Time Is It?

NATASHA: What time is it? We’re going to be late!

Tony: It’sa quarter after seven. We’re on time. Don’t panic.

NATASHA: But I thought we had to be at the restaurant by 7:30 for the surprise party. We’ll never make it there with all this evening traffic.

TONY: Sure we will. Rush hour is almost over. Anyway, the party starts at 8:00. But I do need help with directions. Can you call the restaurant and ask them where we park our car?


What Time Is It?

Margaret: What time is it?

Toni: It’s a quarter to five.

Margaret: Aren’t we supposed to be at Jim’s house by five o’clock?

Toni: Five or five-thirty. He said it didn’t make any difference.

Margaret: Then maybe we could pick your suit up at the cleaners.

Toni: Sure, we have plenty of time.


Arrival Time

Pat: What time does Mother’s plane get in?

Cliff: I’m not sure, but I think at 2:35. I’ll call the airline to make sure.

Pat: Why don’t you do that while I change my clothes?

Cliff: Do you think Dick or Brenda will want to go?

Pat: I don’t know. I guess we could call them.

Cliff: I know Dick has to work, but maybe Brenda can go.

Pat: Okay. Call her first, then the airline. I’ll go get ready.


Airport Bus

Stan: What time does the bus leave for the airport?

Harry: I don’t know. It used to leave every half hour, but I think the schedule’s been changed.

Stan: Do you know the telephone number to call?

Harry: It’s Enterprise 7-4700. At least that’s what it used to be.

Stan: Yeah, I’ll try it. (Pause) They don’t seem to answer.

Harry: I expect that it’s a little too early. I don’t think they open until nine o’clock


Making a Date

Drew: What time are you leaving tomorrow?

Paul: You mean to go to the graduation ceremony?

Drew: Yes, I’d like to go with you if I may.

Paul: I’d be delighted to take you. I plan to leave here about nine-thirty.

Drew: Fine. I can be ready by then.

Paul: Okay. I’ll pick you up at your house.

Drew: See you tomorrow, then, about nine-thirty.


Dental Appointment

(by phone)

Dental Assistant: Dr. Katuna’s office. May I help you?

Karen: Yes. I’d like to make an appointment for a dental checkup.

Dental Assistant: Are you one of the doctor’s regular patients?

Karen: No, I’m not. I recently moved to this area and a

friend of mine recommended Dr. Katuna.

Dental Assistant: I see. Dr. Katuna can see you next Thursday. Do you prefer morning or afternoon?

Karen: Morning is best for me.

Dental Assistant: Would 10:30 be all right?

Karen: That would be fine.

Dental Assistant: And your name is?

Karen: I am Karen.

Dental Assistant: OK Ms Karen. We’ll expect you then at 10:30 on Thursday.

Karen: Thank you very much.


Making Plans

Alice: When shall we meet?

Sofia: You mean to talk about the party?

Alice: Right. We really need to plan better this time. Remember what a mess it was at the last party?

Sofia: I sure do. I hope we’ll do much more planning this time.

Alice: Well, that’s why we’re going to meet tomorrow at my house. How does 7:30 sound to you?

Sofia: Fine by me. I’ll call Jan and Judy. We’ll see you tomorrow.


Catching Up After Class

LINDA: Hey! How did your physics exam go?

FRANK: Not bad, thanks. I’m just glad it’s over! How about you…how’d your presentation go?

LINDA: Oh, it went really well. Thanks for helping me with it!

FRANK: No problem. So … do you feel like studying tomorrow for

our math exam?

LINDA: Yeah, sure! Comeover around 10:00, after breakfast.

FRANK: All right. I’ll bring my notes.


At The Movies

BOB: We’d like two tickets for the 3:30 show, please.

TICKET SALES: Here you go. Enjoy the movie!

[Inside the theater]

BOB: Would you mind moving over one, so my friend and I can sit together?

WOMAN: No, not at all.

BOB: Thanks a lot!



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