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Business Conversation: Percakapan Dengan Tamu di Kantor Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Percakapan

Salesman: Good evening. How may I assist you?

Johnson: I’m looking for a new cellphone. That suit my needs.

Salesman: May I know what your needs are?

Johnson: I’m a student and a photographer as well. I keep my documents in the phone; I need a wide screen phone for me to do my homework; and I also love to take pictures wherever I go. Which one is the best for me?

Salesman: I think this Saber Pad 2 meets your requirements. It has 7’inch screen that would be comfortable for writing; this pad is also enhanced with the latest processor and has 4 GB RAM that would give no lag for web-surfing while doing homework. Ultimately, it brings 20 megapixels camera with saber shottm technology and the last, this is the lightest Pad on earth. This pad is designed to suit your needs precisely.

Johnson: Splendid! You know what I have been searching for. But isn’t it too wide for me?

Salesman: Of course not. You might find it difficult to do your homework with narrow screen. Can you imagine when you have to zoom the screen over and over again while typing? I highly     don’t recommend it.

Johnson : Ah, I missed that thing. Well. How much does it cost?

Salesman: With Rp. 5.450.000, your daily activities are in your hands.

Johnson: It’s quite expensive for me. What makes it so expensive?

Salesman: The camera and the screen do. 20 megapixels camera with the latest technology to capture stable and moving object; and the rainbowtm display technology to provide you the best experience for your shot. How could you know how good your shot is if there’s no adequate display technology?. Your shot will be near good to a SLR Camera.

Johnson : That’s extremely fascinating! I don’t even know if there’s any Pad with those weapons. Will I get any accessories If I bought that pad?

Salesman: We will give you a Rp 850.000 anti-typo and silent bluetooth keyboard for free. Just for a remarkable student like you. It can be a case for your pad and..let me show you..can be your mini laptop too. Can you see the back of the keyboard? There’s a stylus pen to write on the screen.

Johnson : I’m surely have to get it now.

Salesman: We have black, white, silver, red and blue. Which colour do you want?

Johnson: Give me the black one.

Cashier: As you wish. Ah I forgot to tell you something that the warranty covers for 2 years.

Johnson: It’s my lucky day to meet such a salesperson like you.

Contoh percakapan diatas adalah bagaimana mengimprovisasi sebuah percakapan antara seorang salesman dan pelanggan. Pada materi kali ini kita akan mempelajari aspek dan trik apa saja yang penting ketika menawarkan suatu produk. Untuk memudahkan pembelajaran materi ini, percakapan diatas akan dibagi menjadi beberapa sesi yaitu:

1. Salam (Opening a conversation)

Ada beberapa ekspresi untuk melakukan salam kepada pelanggan. Salam yang dimaksud dalam percakapan ini adalah untuk menghampiri pelanggan ketika datang di toko. Berikut adalah contoh ekspresi.

Membuka percakapan. Pelanggan
How may I assist you sir/mam? Yes, I need a new… (thing).
How can I help you sir/mam? Yes, I’m looking for a… (thing)
What can I do for you? I want to have.. (thing)
Do you need a help? Yes, do you have a..(thing)?
My name is (name), can I help you? Yes, can you show me a…(thing)

Bisa saja situasi berubah misalnya pelanggan yang menghampiri salesman. Pada kolom pelanggan diatas adalah contoh ekspresi yang akan dilontarkan kepada kalian. Berikut adalah varian ekspresi yang dapat kalian gunakan.

  • Please follow me.*
  • Let me lead your way, please.*
  • Yes we do have what you need.*
  • I’m sorry but we don’t have what you need right now.*
  • We are run out of stock.**

*Jika barang yang dicari ada.

** Jika barang yang dicari tidak ada.






2. Mencari tahu kebutuhan konsumen (Customer needs)

Sebagai seorang salesman kalian harus bisa menebak apa kebutuhan konsumen karena pelanggan akan lebih tertarik untuk membeli sesuatu jika keinginannya diketahui. Berikut adalah ekspresi yang dapat kalian pakai.

Salesman Pelanggan
May I know what your needs are sir/mam? Yes, I need it for…(activity)
What functions you are looking for? I’m looking for a …(thing) with…(function)
Can you tell what features do you need? Yes, I want a..(thing) with.. (features)
Do you use it daily? Yes, I will use it daily.

No, I won’t use it daily.

My name is (name), can I help you? Yes, can you show me a…(thing)






3. Mendeskripsikan produk (Describing product)

Mendeksripsikan produk adalah kartu as kalian sebagai seorang salesman jika kalian bisa menjelaskan spesifikasi sebuah produk yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan, Maka kemungkinan besar pelanggan akan membeli barang. DIbawah ini adalah contoh ekspresi yang dapat dipakai.

Pelanggan Salesman
What makes this product at best? The most important feature of this product is…
What do you think about it? One of things I like about this product is..
What are the special things about this product? It’s enhanced with..
Do you know what’s new in this product? This newer version has many advantages over the older one such as..






4. Menjawab pertanyaan konsumen (How to deal with question)

Dibawah ini adalah contoh pertanyaan konsumen yang mungkin dilontarkan oleh pelanggan. Pelajari ekspresi dibawah ini.

Customer: What is the warranty on this product?

Salesman: The warranty covers your product for 3 years.

Customer: How long does the battery last in this phone?

Salesman: It should last around 36 hours, but it depends on how you’re using your phone.

Customer: What if I can’t figure out how to use this product?

Salesman: You can always drop in or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help!

Customer: Will I get any extras if I bought this product?

Salesman: Yes, You will have extra../ Unfortunately no.




Pelanggan: Is that all? How about…(bonus)?

Salesman: Yes, you will have…/ no, that’s all we can give you for free. We are sorry.

Closing biasanya digunakan untuk berterimakasih untuk kunjungan pelanggan atau menanyakan warna atau jenis produk; pengiriman atau kebutuhan yang lain. Berikut adalah ekspresi yang dapat digunakan.

Salesman Pelanggan
Thank you for shopping with (company name). Please come back again. Yes, Thank you.
Thank you for your purchase. Hope you will come by anytime. Yes, It’s my pleasure.
Which colour do you prefer? I prefer…(colour)
When do you want us to drop your product? I want it tomorrow at my address,
Do you want any…(accessories)? We sell them too. I might want it later. Thanks


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