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Contoh Daily Activity Present Continuous Tense

Present continuous tense atau biasa juga disebut dengan present progressive tense merupakan tenses yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung sekarang atau kegiatan tersebut masih berlangsung ketika kita sedang berbicara.

Time signal atau keterangan waktu yang digunakan dalam kalimat present continuos tense antra lain: now, right now, today, at present, at this time, still dan lain-lain

1. Pola kalimat present continuous tense

Subject To be Verb+ing Contoh kalimat
I Am go+ing I am going to school.



are read+ing



You are reading a good novel.

They are learning English together now.

We are talking about football match.




is sleep+ing



He is sleeping in my room.

Right now, she is crying under the tree.

It is eating my favorite food.

2. Fungsi present continuous tense

  • Kejadian yang sedang berlangsung pada saat ini


I am typing an article right now. (pada saat berbicara, saya sedang mengetik atikel).

Now, you are reading my article (sekarang kamu sedang membaca artikel saya)

  • Menyatakan perkembangan atau progres suatu kegiatan


She is working on her script this semester. (dia sedang mengerjakan skripsinya semester ini).

They are supervising the new workers for the next three months (dia mengawasi para pekerja baru untuk tiga bulan kedepan)

  • Menyatakan rencana yang sudah diketahui pasti waktunya


I am going to visit my gandma tomorrow at 7 am. (saya akan pergi mengunjungi nenek besok pukul tujuh pagi)

The students are going to the zoo tomorrow morning. (para siswa akan pergi ke kebun binatang besok pagi)

  • Menyatakan rutinitas yang sedang berlangsung pada waktu tertentu

Contoh :

I am having my lunch time with my friends for now. (saya sedang menikmati makan siang bersama teman-teman untuk saat ini)

She is sitting on my favorite couch at this time. (dia duduk di sofa favoritku saat ini)

3. Penggunaan present continuous tense dalam kalimat

Setelah mengetahui pola beserta fungsi kalimat present continuous tense, saatnya kita berlatih untuk menerapkannya kedalam bentuk kalimat.

Untuk memudahkan dalam memahami penggunaan tenses yang satu ini, cobalah untuk menceritakan kegiatan sehari-hari anda, seperti pada fungsi yang keempat yakni menyatakan rutinitas yang sedang berlangsung pada waktu tertentu.

Pada praktik ini, cobalah posisikan diri anda layaknya seorang vlogger ataupun seorang selebritis yang tengah membagikan kegiatan rutinitas sehari-hari (daily activity) kepada penggemar anda.

Contoh 1:

Hello my name is Rico. And now I am going to invite you to follow my daily activity.

I woke up at 5 am this morning. And now I am ready to go to school.

It is at 6 am now. I am sitting at the bus stop to catch the bus.

I arrive at 6.30 and right now I am listening to the teacher’s explanation about algebra.

It is at 10 am now, and it is a break time. I am at the canteen. And I am drinking a glass of orange juice.

At 12.30 I am doing the assignment for the last lesson.

At this time 14.00, I am on the bus on my way home. I arrived home at 1 am, after that I cleaned up my face.

Right now I am watching my favorite TV program while eating my lunch. I need to take some rest because I am going to play football with my friends at 3.30 this afternoon.

I am at the field. My friends are already playing the football and I am doing some stretching to prepare myself for the match.

At 5 pm, I took a bath. And now I am gathering with my family. We are talking about our activity today.

At 9 pm, I am going to bed. But before sleeping, I am listening to the music, because I cannot sleep without listening to the music.

Contoh 2.

Hi I am Vanya, I am going to tell you about my activity today.

I will start now. I am on my way to my office. I am working as a customer service at the bank.

My bank will open at 8 am, but I have to be ready at 7.

Now I am cleaning up my office with my friends. I am sweeping the room and my friend is mopping the floor.

It is at 7.15 and I am eating my breakfast at the canteen. I am going back at office to prepare everything that I need to serve the customer.

At 8 am I am sitting on my chair and ready to welcome and serve my beloved customer.

It is already at 11 am. I am feeling so tired but I am still smiling at my customer because that is a part of my job to welcome the customer friendly.

At 11.30 I am talking to the 20th customer. This customer is pretty complicated because it is his first time going to the bank.

It is a lunch time. My friends and I are eating together. At this moment we are talking about our customers. It becomes our habit to share the unique thing we face during the work time.

I am drinking a cup of coffee to boost my mood.

At 3 pm, I am still staring at my computer and explaining to the customers about our services and products.

At 4 pm, I am packing my stuffs and ready to go home.

I enjoy myself and take a rest while reading my favorite comic.

I am going to bed at 9 pm.