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Contoh Daily Activity Seorang Guru (Teacher’s Daily Activity)

Kegiatan sehari-hari dalam istilah bahasa Inggris dikenal dengan daily activities atau daily routines.

Daily activity merupakan serangkaian kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh seseorang sehari-hari mulai dari bangun tidur dipagi hari sampai menjelang tidur pada malam hari.

Pada umumnya daily activity merupakan kebiasaan yang dilakukan oleh seseorang secara berulang-ulang, sehingga kosa kata yang digunakanpun tergolong mudah dan sangat familiar.

Namun akan berbeda jadinya jika rutinitas tersebut dilakukan oleh seseorang dengan profesi tertentu, maka kosa kata yang digunakanpun memiliki tingkat kesulitan tersendiri.

Pada artikel ini akan kita akan menambah pengetahuan kosa kata kita dengan membahas daily activity yang sangat familiar dengan kehidupan kita yakni daily activity seorang guru.

Berikut beberapa contoh daily activity seorang guru.

Contoh 1. Daily activity seorang guru SD Internasional

Daily activities of elementary teacher

As a teacher, discipline is a must. I have a regular schedule which I always do it very disciplinary. In the morning, I always wake up at 4.30 no matter it is weekdays or weekend. I brush my teeth, wash my face and then pray Shubuh.

At 5 am, I cook my breakfast. I always make a simple breakfast, such as sandwiches, bread, and instant noodle with milk or sometimes juice.

At 5.30 I have my breakfast then prepare myself to go to school. I always prepared all my school stuffs before I go to bed, so in the morning I don’t have to worry about school thing.

I leave the house at 6.30. I go to school by motorcycle. At 7 am I arrive at the school. The lessons start at 7.30 so I still have 30 minutes to prepare my learning media. Sometimes I read newspaper to keep up with the news, sometimes I talk with other teachers about the students’ progress.

I teach in one of International elementary school. Our school applies full day school, so our day will end up at 4 pm. I teach the third grade with two other teachers. We never attend to teach personally instead of being helped by two other teachers. That’s the school’s policy. So we work as a teacher team.

At 10 o’clock we have our first break. We pray Dhuha together and take a little rest for about 15 minutes. Our second break at 12.30. We pray Dhuhur together and eat lunch. The lunch is provided by the school. The teachers and students eat together.

Every day we always have a long hour, but to overcome the boredom, I invite my students to play games or sing a song.

Our lessons end up at 4 pm. Before I leave the school I pray Ashar first. Usually I drop by at the food stall to buy some food for dinner and I get home at 5 am. I go to bathroom to clean up myself. And prepare for Magrib.

At 6 pm, I prepare my dinner, I heat the food for a while then I enjoy my dinner while watch TV program.

At 7 pm. I pray Isya, after praying I prepare all the school stuffs, such as writing the lesson plan, arranging the learning media, preparing the material, checking students’ homework and etc.

At 9 pm, I always wash my dirty clothes, it does not spend so much time and energy because I use the washing machine. While waiting the dirty clothes washed, I tidy up my uniform and iron it. And finally I sleep at 10 pm.

Contoh 2. Daily activity seorang guru Bahasa Inggris

Daily activities of an English teacher

I work at one of junior high school near my village as an English teacher. I start my day at 4 am. I wake up and then clean up my face and brush my teeth. After that I make my bed.

At 4.30 I prepare my school stuffs. I love to prepare in the morning, because I feel more focus in the morning. After preparing all my needed, at 5 am I enjoy a cup of coffee while reading newspaper with my father. My mom cooks for breakfast and my little sister watches her favorite cartoon.

At 5.30 I take a bath and start to prepare for working. At 6 am I enjoy the breakfast with my family. I go to school at 6.30 by bus and arrive at the school at 7 o’clock.

I teach start from Monday till Friday. And every day I always have full schedule from 7.15 to 12.30.

At 10 am we have our break time. I usually spend my break time in the school library with some students who want to talk about English. Usually they ask about the school tasks that they do not understand.

My schedule finishes at 12.30. I directly go to the bus stop to catch the bus. I get home at 1 pm. I clean up myself and have a lunch.

At 2 pm, I prepare myself for the next schedule which I have to teach English privately. I visited two students every day. I go to their house and teach them privately.

My first private class at 2 pm to 3.30 pm. And my second private class at 3.30 till 5 o’clock.

I back home at 5.15, clean up myself and take a rest.

I enjoy my dinner at 7 pm with my family. I enjoy my me time after my dinner. I read novel and listen to music. I am overloaded with my everyday activities so I love to sleep early. Usually I sleep at 9 pm.

Contoh 3. Daily activity seorang guru olah raga

Daily activities of a sport teacher

I love my job, because it is my passion. I work as a sport teacher in a junior high school near my house.

I start my day at 4 am; I wake up and then brush my teeth and clean up my face. Every morning at 4.30 am, I enjoy the morning fresh air by jogging around the blocks for about 20 minutes.

At 5 I take a shower and continue to get ready for school. I am a sport teacher, so I always get an early schedule. I go to school by bicycle.

My first class starts at 6 am and my last class is at 10 am. After my class finishes, I usually stay at the office for surfing the internet while learning any kinds of martial art via YouTube.

I rarely eat breakfast; usually I just drink some milk and eat fruits which I bring from house.

I headed home at 12 o’clock. I have lunch and take a rest till 1.30 pm. After that I prepare myself for the next schedule.

At 2 pm I catch the bus to go to the city. My side job is as a martial art coach. I love martial arts and other sport activities.

My martial art class ends at 4 pm. I go home with one of my student who lives near my house.

At 5 pm I take a shower and take a rest. I have my dinner at 7 pm, after that I watch my favorite TV program which is sport show. Every weekend, I always spend the night by playing futsal with my friends. But in weekdays I have to sleep early. I always sleep no more than 9 pm.