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Contoh Soal Listening TOEFL: Monolog Panjang

TOEFL Listening Comprehension Sample Questions about Long Monolog

Salah satu bagian dalam listening comprehension tes TOEFL ITP adalah memahami lecture atau materi perkuliahan.

Biasanya latihan ini berisi 3 atau 4 rekaman audio dengan pertanyaan yang menyertainya.

Monolog yang akan kamu baca transkripnya di bawah ini sangat erat kaitannya dengan dunia akademis. Artikel kali ini akan bercerita tentang Irlandia.

Listen to the story of Ireland.

“Hi everyone! Welcome to our special talk today on the history of the Republic of Ireland.

I say Republic of Ireland, which is the southern part, and the Northern Ireland, which continues to be linked to the United Kingdom.

So how did the Republic of Ireland come about? Well, first of all there was Ireland, which was called Hibernia.

It was then invaded by England and colonized.

This went on for many centuries and was with much resistance.

Inevitably people who opposed the King and British rule, the Irish rebels, planned a revolution.

The most famous date of this revolution is known as the Easter Rising of 1916.

The rebels took over the General Post Office in Dublin City Center for 4 days.

Eventually the British Army forced them to surrender and many of the leaders of the revolution, such as Padraig Pearse were sentenced to death. Ireland was declared a Free State in 1922.

Six of Ireland’s 32 counties were retained by Britain and these counties are called Northern Ireland. The other 26 counties make up the Republic of Ireland.”


Pertanyaan 1: What was the original name of Ireland?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. Northern Ireland
B. Hibernia
C. England
D. Republic of Ireland

Jawaban dari pertanyaan ini digambarkan di bagian awal special talk, bahwa dulunya Ireland disebut dengan Hibernia. Jawaban yang tepat adalah (B).


Pertanyaan 2: How long did the rebels have control of the General Post Office?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. for one day
B. for days
C. fourteen days
D. four days

Jenis pertanyaan di atas sangat menjebak dan menuntut daya ingat yang tinggi, yang jawabannya tercantum di bagian tengah monolog yaitu selama 4 hari. Dengan demikian jawaban yang tepat adalah (D).


Pertanyaan 3: What happened to the leaders of the revolution?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. They were given a death sentence.
B. They were exiled.
C. They were rewarded.
D. They were jailed.

Salah satu catatan kelam dari sejarah Irlandia dalam monolog di atas adalah hukuman mati yang diberikan pada pemimpin revolusi Easter Rising of 1916, sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah (A).


Pertanyaan 4: How many counties were retained by Britain?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. 26
B. 30
C. 6
D. 32

Jawaban dari pertanyaan di atas ada di bagian akhir monolog special talk, yaitu ada 6 counties yang ikut kepada Britania sementara 32 counties sisanya membentuk Irlandia Utara. Jawaban yang tepat adalah (C).


Listen to talk about gender roles.

“In this week’s class we will discuss gender roles and their representation in media.

Gender roles are a perceived set of behavioral norms usually associated with males and females in a given social group or system.

They allow individuals to refer to certain attitudes or behaviors that class a person’s stereotypical identity.

This concrete behavior is both a socially enforced rule and value, as well as being an individual’s disposition, genetic, unconscious, or conscious.

Gender roles vary among different societies and cultures, although creativity or time may cause these rules and values to change.

Gender roles are often conditioned by household structure, access to resources, and specific impacts of the economy, and other local relevant factors.

Now that we have clarified what they are, we can start to look at how gender roles are portrayed on screen. How are men represented in soap operas?

What is the role of women in Disney films? When you start to focus on certain texts, you will begin to notice patterns.”


Pertanyaan 1: What are gender roles?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. a social group
B. male and female actors
C. a perceived set of behavioral norms
D. government laws

Dalam materi kelas di atas dijelaskan bahwa gender adalah set normal perilaku yang membentuk identitas stereotype seseorang, sehingga jawaban yang tepat adalah (C).


Pertanyaan 2: What can cause gender roles to change?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. the number of households
B. creativity and time
C. soap operas
D. concrete roads

Selain hal-hal yang merupakan faktor pembentuk gender roles, hal yang bisa menciptakan pergeseran nilai perilakunya adalah kreativitas dan waktu. Dengan demikian jawaban yang tepat adalah (B).


Pertanyaan 3: What did the speaker want to examine?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. gender roles on screen
B. access to resources
C. the economy
D. soap operas

Di bagian akhir materi kelas, dipaparkan analisis tentang peran gender di layar seperti film dan opera sabun, sehingga jawaban yang benar adalah (A).


Pertanyaan 4: What will people notice?

Pilihan jawaban:

A. women in Disneys films
B. patterns
C. certain texts
D. attitudes

Jawaban dari pertanyaan ini terletak di bagian akhir pemaparan materi yaitu dalam kalimat “when you start to focus on certain texts, you will begin to notice patterns.” Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah “patterns” atau (B).


Setelah berlatih soal listening comprehension di atas, ada pola yang selalu terjadi, yaitu menanyakan ide utama yang dibicarakan, dan diikuti dengan pertanyaan yang lebih spesifik.

Dengan mengenali pola pertanyaan, kamu akan semakin piawai menaklukkan soal listening comprehension.

Untuk soal lainnya, silakan lihat halaman TOEFL berikut!

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