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Grammar-Adjective: Mengenal Attributive Adjectives

Kata Sifat Sebelum Kata Benda

Sama seperti setiap adjective, bentuk attributive adjective pun memodifikasi noun yang mengikutinya. Begitu pula banyaknya attribute adjective yang menjelaskan nomina, jumlahnya bisa lebih dari satu untuk nomina yang sama.

Kita pasti sudah mengetahui banyak sekali adjectives atau kata sifat dalam Bahasa Inggris, sehingga mudah untuk mengenalinya dalam satu kalimat.

Muncul Sebelum Nomina

Attributive adjectives hampir selalu muncul sebelum nomina.


  • My mother is a very beautiful woman.
  • I don’t like wearing a tight dress.
  • His job allows him to stay in expensive hotels.
  • Danny can’t play football for a while because of his broken leg.
  • He is a compassionate person.

Sebuah nomina juga dapat memiliki lebih dari satu attribute adjectives yang menerangkannya.


  • To be honest, I don’t like the ugly brown jacket he gave me.
  • The baby was born with thick black hair.
  • My naughty boy grows up to be a wonderful caring guy who loves his mother very much.
  • Paul Gilbert is a celebrated veteran guitarist in rock genre.
  • It’s rare to be able looking at bright starry sky at night nowadays.

Muncul Setelah Nomina

Namun, perlu diketahui bahwa ada pula beberapa macam attributive adjectives yang muncul setelah nomina, seperti:

1. Adjectives yang diakhiri dengan –ible dan –

  • We have predicted all scenarios possible in this situation.
  • You need to book all seats available for this Broadway musical.
  • He agreed to sort out things manageable first.

2. Attribute adjectives yang merupakan frasa tetap (fixed phrase)

  • Notary public.
  • President elect.
  • Attorney general.
  • Court martial.

3. Adjectives yang muncul setelah anything, everything, everybody, nothing, something, somewhere, somebody, dan semacamnya.

  • Nothing good ever comes out from a situation like this.
  • I read something interesting in the newspaper today.
  • We have tried everything possible to make this problem goes away.

Contoh Soal

Perhatikan contoh-contoh kalimat di bawah ini dan tentukan mana yang merupakan attributive adjectives!

  1. Grandpa says that marrying grandma was the best decision he’s ever made in his life.
  2. It’s not an easy route to take.
  3. The resistance attacks the abandoned fort.
  4. Many people agree that The Vietnam War was an unwinnable war.
  5. Sumatran tigers are now among the rare animals to be found in the wild.
  6. The cold-blooded murderer appears calm even though the judge gives him the death sentence.
  7. I thought she was an intimidating woman when I haven’t known very well. Turns out she is actually a warm and friendly person.
  8. Mom always knows the cheap and effective solution for almost anything.
  9. We’re anxiously waiting for the game’s impending result.
  10. My late grandma is buried next to my grandpa.
  11. I love going somewhere crowded by myself.
  12. Please, by all means possible, explain to me why it matters so much to you.
  13. Even the bitterest person can turn mushy when they fall in love.
  14. Everybody thinks she’s a gold digger when she married a rich old businessman.
  15. I’d like to buy you something expensive for your birthday.
  16. The doctor sedated her to make the pain bearable.
  17. The kids in the neighborhood are afraid with that tall scrawny old man.
  18. We can only think of this only solution possible right now.
  19. Danny is a humble person who never thinks high of himself.
  20. The Pacific Ocean is filled with beautiful tropical fishes.

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