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Grammar-Adverb: Emphasizers, Amplifiers, Downtoners (Intensifier Adverbs)

Pada kesempatan kali ini, kita akan mempelajari tentang aturan penggunaan adverbia sebagai intensifier atau penguat, serta menunjukkan bagaimana cara mengenali adverbia penguat tersebut serta apa saja yang ia modifikasi dalam suatu kalimat.

Seperti yang sudah kita pelajari sebelumnya, adverbs merupakan kata-kata yang digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan atau mengubah makna adjektiva, verba, atau adverbia lainnya.

Intensifier Adverb

INTENSIFIER ADVERBS adalah adverbia yang digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan intensitas/kekuatan kata yang dimodifikasi. Terkadang intensifier digunakan untuk menguatkan makna suatu verba, adverbia, atau adjektiva; di lain waktu intensifier digunakan untuk melemahkan suatu kata.

Intensifier digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan kata-kata yang membantu menjelaskan perasaan atau ide yang berkaitan dengan suatu aksi/perilaku. Ada tiga jenis intensifier adverbs, yakni: emphasizers, ampliefiers, dan downtoners.

Nah, kini mari kita beranjak pada bagaimana cara menggunakan intensifiers tersebut dengan tepat dalam penulisan berbahasa Inggris.


EMPHASIZERS adalah adverbia yang digunakan untuk menonjolkan intensitas suatu kata kerja, adverbia, atau kata sifat.


  • Apparently, I was wrong. So, please, forgive me.
  • Skim milk is basically water pretending to be milk.
  • Now that father has retired, he basically can do whatever he wants.
  • Certainly
  • I can’t even buy half dozen of eggs. Clearly, I need to find a job.
  • The professor clearly misunderstood my essay and gave me a C.
  • Her temperature is over 40 degrees Celcius. She’s definitely
  • You are going to crush the interview, for sure.
  • The truck literally crushed my bike.
  • She really doesn’t want to talk to us about it.
  • The kids are really crazy about the new LEGO Movie.
  • You can say whatever you want about him, I just simply won’t believe it.


AMPLIFIERS adalah adverbia yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan intensitas suatu kata yang dimodifikasi.


  • Thank you for making tonight, Mom. It’s absolutely
  • She completely believe what I said. What a gullible person.
  • You’re a grown-up now. It’s entirely up to you how you’re going to live your life.
  • I heartily We don’t have to put mom in a house. She can live with me.
  • Indisputably
  • Remarkably
  • We are so going to hell for pranking grandpa with his toilet seat.
  • I’m not totally I can help you fix it if you let me.
  • We are totally going to get punished for making this mess
  • Glenn knows the city well, he could be our giude.


DOWNTONERS adalah adverbia yang menurunkan intensitas suatu kata kerja, adverbia, atau kata sifat.


  • Dad is a little disappointed because my brother decided to not finish college.
  • He’s all but underwhelmed by the attention he got.
  • Thank God, you hit the brake soon. We almost crashed to that container’s rear-end.
  • I kind of like you. Would you be my girlfriend?
  • She merely asked, but her mom snapped out like she just did something horrible.
  • Mom looked mildly bewildered when my brother throw tantrum at the supermarket today.
  • She’s nearly fainted when she heard the news.
  • Duncan slightly doubted my decision to approach this case.
  • As an introvert, she feels somewhat awkward when asked to join a group discussion.
  • Dad sort of understands that my brother is not passionate about his major in college.
  • We are allowed to make mistakes to some extent in life, as long as we learn something from it and try to not repeat the same mistake twice.

Kini cobalah untuk membuat sendiri kalimat-kalimat yang mengandung berbagai macam intensifier adverbs seperti yang kami cetak tebal di atas. Selamat belajar!

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