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Grammar-Noun: Concrete vs Abstract Noun

Kata Benda Konkret vs Kata Benda Abstrak

Setelah mengenali apa itu noun, membedakan singular dan plural noun, memahami common dan proper noun, kini saatnya kita lanjut belajar ke perbedaan kategori selanjutnya, yakni concrete dan abstract noun. Keduanya dapat dijelaskan sebagai berikut:

CONCRETE NOUN atau nomina konkrit merupakan nama atau sebutan untuk nomina yang dapat dikenali melalui pengindra; hal-hal yang dapat dilihat, disentuh, dikecap, dicium aromanya, dan didengar.

Perhatikan contoh kata-kata yang digarisbawahi dalam kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini:

  • My dog just delivered five puppies.
  • The thief tried to steal my wallet.
  • It’s difficult to make new friends when you’re an adult
  • You put too much cream on your waffle.
  • Would someone answer the doorbell, please?
  • There are a lot of dust under the bed.
  • The professor wants us to write two papers about macro and micro economy.

ABSTRACT NOUN atau nomina abstrak merupakan nama atau sebutan untuk nomina yang merupakan konsep, gagasan, kualitas; hal-hal yang tidak dapat dikenali oleh pengindra namun dapat dipikir atau dirasakan.

Perhatikan contoh kata-kata yang digarisbawahi dalam kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini:

  • Some people can’t find satisfaction in their jobs anymore after some years
  • May your Christmas filled with much happiness.
  • I don’t have the confidence to apply for that job.
  • Mom needs some help to arrange dad’s birthday party.
  • A hotel should provide great hospitality for its guests.
  • I can’t stress the importance of breakfast enough to start our day with.
  • Stupidity knows no bound.
  • Karl Marx’s ideas of communism, capitalism, and socialism are still very much talked to this day.

Untuk lebih mudah mengenali abstract nouns, kebanyakan nomina ini diakhiri dengan sufiks/akhiran seperti:

tion Compensation




ism Racism




ity Stupidity




ment Entertainment



ness Kindness




age Courage



ance/ence Violence






ship Friendship





ability Comfortability




acy Intimacy



Dan tentunya masih banyak lagi. Kini cobalah untuk membedakan mana nomina yang konkrit dan abstrak dari kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini.

  • Mom tried to teach her children about kindness, love, friendship, and the importance of being earnest.
  • Andi’s father has remorse about being a deadbeat father.
  • When I said to my sister she could have all my toys that I haven’t played with anymore, her eyes filled with disbelief and joy.
  • I read the newspaper this morning and felt like the world is so full of hatred and violence.
  • The slaves fought a long and hard battle in search of freedom.
  • The idea of socialism is that government should be able to pass the richeswealth to the poors through taxation so the money could benefit both sides of
  • My parents are involved in so many charities. People say their generosity is contagious.
  • Education is the most important thing everybody should have, but not everybody has access and money to it.
  • As an only child, I often make up my own entertainment and having fun all by myself.
  • We can’t imagine the courage she took to admit that horrible experience.
  • Bella doesn’t get the scholarship and it crushes her hopes to get into college.
  • I am left speechless by her openness about her personal life.

Sekarang, giliran Anda untuk menyebutkan masing-masing 50 kata yang termasuk dalam concrete dan abstract noun. Selamat belajar!

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