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Listening: Another Way to Say ‘How Are You’

Another way to say ‘How Are You’
A: Hey, how are you?
B: I’m great, thanks!
A: How’s it going, Ben?
B: Not so bad. You?
A: How are things, Lyra?
B: Things are not so good.
A: How are you doing?
B: I am doing fine.
A: How is life?
B: Life has been pretty boring lately
Another way to say ‘How Are You’
C: What’s new, man?
D: Nothing much. You?
C: What’s cracking, fellas?
D: We’re great.
C: What’s popping?
D: Not much. How about you?
C: How is life treating you?
D: Life has been pretty good to me lately
C: How are you holding up?
D: I could manage to get by day by day by myself
Another way to say ‘How Are You’
E: How are things coming along?
F: Things are coming great!
E: How is every little thing in your life?
F: There is too much details but in resume, it is going amazing
E: How are you feeling?
F: I am feeling sad today
E: Are you well?
F: I feel a little bit sick today
E: How was your day?
F: My day was a disaster


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