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Listening: Buying Bus Ticket

Buying Bus Ticket
A: Excuse me, is this the right counter to get a ticket to New York? What time the bus will leave?
B: Yes, it is. There will be one in about 45 minutes. Another one is leaving at 5, and that’s the last bus for today.
A: I’d like to buy a ticket in advance.
B: It’s $8
A: Here it is. How long does the journey take?
B: About 6 to 8 hours, depends on the traffic. Is it your first time taking a bus to New York?
A: Not really my first time but I never went all by myself before.
B: I see. Watch your luggage, and just don’t take anything from stranger.

Buying Bus Ticket – Dialog 4
A: Excuse me?
B: Yes, good afternoon. May I help you?
A: I wanted to ask about the schedule to Boston.
B: When are you going?
A: The days after tomorrow. On Friday, to be exact.
B: The first bus will leave at 7, and there’s another one in every two hours until 5.
A: I’d like to take the second bus, then. At 9.
B: How many tickets do you want?
A: One ticket, please. How much is it?
B: $5
A: Here. Thank you.

Buying Bus Ticket – Dialog 3
A: Hi, can I get two tickets to Berlin, please? For the 3pm bus.
B: Sure. That will be $7.
A: I thought the ticket were $6 each?
B: It is, if you book it at least a week in advance.
A: Okay then, so $7 for two one-way tickets?
B: Right, Ma’am.
A: Do you take cards?
B: Sorry, we don’t. We only accept cash.
A: Here it is. Anyway, is there any ATM nearby?
B: Yes. Just ask the security guard.

Buying Bus Ticket – Dialog 4
A: Good morning, I’d like to buy three tickets to Paris for 14th.
B: Sorry, did you mention three? We only have one ticket left for 14th. Would you like to change to the next day?
A: Fine. What time will the earliest bus leave?
B: At 8.
A: I’ll take that. How much is a round-trip ticket? We’ll return on 28th.
B: The ticket is $6 each. What time would you like to leave?
A: I prefer the earliest bus.
B: The first bus leaves at 6. Your total comes to $18.
A: Here, you are.
B: Here’s your $2 change. Thank you.


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