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Listening: Cashier Dialog

Cashier Dialog – Cash Transaction
Cashier: Good afternoon, is this everything for you today?
Customer: Good afternoon and yes, it is.
Cashier: Did you find everything you were looking for?
Customer: Yes, thank you
Cashier: Okay..your total comes to $7.50
Customer: Can you break a fifty? I’m afraid I don’t have anything smaller.
Cashier: No problem. From fifty… here’s $42.50 change
Customer: Thank you
Cashier: Thank you, please come again.
Cashier Dialog – Credit Card Transaction
Cashier: Here is your order Miss. Two cheese burgers. A pack of chicken nuggets and a vanilla milkshake. Will there be anything else?
Customer: Can I have another pack of nuggets?
Cashier: No problem.. is that all?
Customer: Yeah, thanks
Cashier: Okay, will that be cash or charge today?
Customer: Charge
Cashier: Alright, please swipe your card…. okay, and please sign here
Customer: There you go.
Cashier: Thank you, enjoy your foods!
Cashier Dialog – Pay by Cash
Cashier: Good evening. Is there anything else you need sir?
Johnson: I think it’s enough.
Cashier: Do you have our store card club?
Johnson: No, I don’t have.
Cashier: Would you like to register yours now?
Johnson: No, thanks. My wife has that card.
Cashier: Alright then.. So it costs $30. Are you going to use card or cash?
Johnson: Here’s my credit card.
Cashier: Please wait… hmm… I see a trouble here. Do you have any other card with you?
Johnson: Well, let me pay it by cash. Here is $30
Cashier: Thank you. Is there anything I could help sir?
Johnson: No, thank you very much for your assistance.
Cashier: It’s my pleasure sir. Please, come back again.


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