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LONG PEPPER. — This is the _____ of a different ____ from that which produces the black, it ____ of the half-ripe flower-heads of what ____ call Piper longum and chaba.

Originally, the most ____ of these were found in the Spice Islands, or Moluccas, of the Indian Ocean, and were highly ____ by the nations of antiquity.

The long pepper is less ____ than the black, but its oil is more pungent.


1. Which is more aromatic, long pepper or black pepper?
2. Where can we find the most valuable long pepper?
3. From what part of the plant is long pepper obtained?


1. produce
2. plant
3. consisting
4. naturalists
5. valuable
6. prized
7. aromatic

1. black pepper
2. at Mollucas / Spice Islands
3. half ripe flower-heads


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