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Listening: Immigration Dialog for Tourist

Immigration Question & Answer for Tourist
John: Good Morning… Here is my passport.
Officer: Morning.. Where are you flying from?
John: I’m flying from Jakarta, Indonesia
Officer: Are you travelling alone?
John: No, I travelled with a group. The others are waiting in line.
Officer: What is the purpose of your trip?
John: We go for vacation.
Officer: Where will you stay?
John: We have made a reservation at Larissa Hotel
Officer: How long you will stay here?
John: We are staying for 6 days
Officer: OK then. Here is your passport.
John: Thank you.

Immigration Question & Answer for Tourist – Dialog 2
Officer: Passport please…
Jane: Here you are..
Officer: Have you ever been here before?
Jane: Never. It’s my first time.
Officer: Do you plan to work here?
Jane: No. I’m here to visit my friend.
Officer: So, will you stay at your friend’s house? What is your friend’s address?
Jane: Yes, I will stay at my friend’s house at Sabang Street no. 5, Jakarta
Officer: Do you have anything to declare?
Jane: No, I’m not.
Officer: OK. Here is your passport, and you can go through.
Jane: Thanks.

Immigration Question & Answer for Tourist – Dialog 3
Dave: Hello..
Officer: Hello.. Can I see your passport?
Dave: Here it is.
Officer: Have you ever visited Africa Continent in the last 30 days?
Dave: Never.
Officer: Do you work here or spend your holiday?
Dave: I work here at Jakarta.
Officer: What do you do?
Dave: I am a journalist at ABC News.
Officer: Here you go..
Dave: Thanks.

Immigration Question & Answer for Tourist – Dialog 4
Lana: Good afternoon Sir..
Officer: Hello.. Passport..
Lana: Here it is..
Officer: Why you came here?
Lana: I came here for vacation.
Officer: How much cash are you carrying? Show me your wallet.
Lana: Here.. I have about $3000 cash, and one credit card.
Officer: Do you have health insurance?
Lana: Yes, I have an insurance. Here is my travel insurance member card.
Officer: OK. Here is your passport.. Have a nice vacation..
Lana: Thank you very much.


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