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Listening: Introduction – Introducing

Informal Introduction
Martin: Good morning.. I am Martin, I’m new in this neighborhood.
Evan: Morning Martin, nice to see you here. I am Evan.
Martin: Hi Evan.. I just moved in here yesterday.
Evan: Where did you live before?
Martin: I lived in New York before.
Formal Introduction
John: Excuse me, are you Mr. James?
James: Yes I am. Can I help you?
John: May I, introduce myself? I am John, from a job fair organizer.
James: Hello John. How do you do.
John: How do you do. I am here.. to offer you, a prime stand, for your company.. at our job fair.
James: It is nice to hear an offer from you. Can you give the proposal to my secretary?
John: OK. I will give the proposal to your secretary.
Introducing – Informal
James: What’s up bro?
Jack: Very good. How are you doing?
James: Fine. Who is with you?
Jack: Oh, meet my cousin Jimmy, he came here to vacation.
James: Hello Jimmy, nice to meet you. I am James.
Jimmy: Hello James, glad to see you. Call me Jim.
Introducing – Formal
Edward: Mr. Bill, I would like you to meet Mr. Smith.
Bill: How do you do, Mr. Smith.
Smith: How do you do, Mr. Bill.
Edward: Mr. Smith is a director at A.B.C company. A.B.C works on various speech synthesizer projects.
Bill: Oh..that is our field too. I work for X.Y.Z company, as technical director. Our company, works on human computer interaction also.
Smith: I have heard your company. Such a great company.