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Percakapan Inggris saat Check-in Hotel

Hotel Guest Check In Conversation

Kali ini kita akan membahas percakapan saat proses check-in hotel dalam bahasa Inggris. Bahasa yang digunakan oleh perusahaan jasa dalam berinteraksi dengan pelanggannya tentu memiliki standar yang spesifik.

Bahasanya baku, sopan, namun tetap lugas dan jelas. Saat check-in hotel, tentu seorang resepsionis hotel akan menghadapi karakter tamu yang berbeda-beda.

Hal ini menjadi dinamika tersendiri saat percakapan mereka sedang berlangsung. Berikut contoh-contohnya:

Contoh 1

Berikut ini adalah percakapan antara seorang tamu hotel Grand Woodward bernama Mr. Hannighan saat akan check-in ke hotel.

Hotel : “Good afternoon. Welcome to the Grand Woodward Hotel. How may I help you?”

Guest : “I have a reservation for today. It’s under the name of Hannighan.”

Hotel : “Can you please spell that for me, Sir?”

Guest : “Sure. H-A-N-N-I-G-H-A-N.”

Hotel : “Yes, Mr. Hannighan, we’ve reserved a double room for you with a view of the ocean for two nights. Is that correct?

Guest : “Yes, it is.”

Hotel : “Excellent. We already have your credit card information on file. If you’ll just sign the receipt along the bottom, please.”

Guest : “Whoa! Five hundred and ninety dollars a night!”

Hotel : “Yes, Sir. We are a five star hotel after all.”

Guest : “Well, fine. I’m here on business anyway, so at least I’m staying on the company’s dime. What is included in this cost anyway?”

Hotel : “A full Continental buffet every morning, free airport shuttle service, and use of the hotel’s safe are all included.”

Guest : “So what is not included in the price?”

Hotel : “Well, you will find a mini-bar in your room. Use of it will be charged to your account. Also, the hotel provides room service, at an additional charge of course.”

Guest : “Hmm. Ok, so what room am I in?”

Hotel : “Room 487. Here is your key. To get to your room, take the elevator on the right up to the fourth floor. Turn left once you exit the elevator and your room will be on the left hand side. A bellboy will bring your bags up shortly.”

Guest : “Great. Thanks.”

Hotel : “Should you have any questions or request, please dial ‘0’ from your room. Also, there is internet available in the lobby 24 hours a day.”

Guest : “Ok, and what time is check-out?”

Hotel : “At midday, Sir.”

Guest : “Ok, thanks.”

Hotel : “My pleasure, Sir. Have a wonderful stay.”

Contoh 2

Sementara contoh kedua adalah percakapan saat check-in hotel antara tamu bernama John Sandals dengan resepsionis, termasuk saat harus melakukan pembayaran.

Guest : “I have a reservation. My name is John Sandals.”

Hotel : “May I see your ID, please, Mr. Sandals?”

Guest : “Certainly. Here it is.”

Hotel : “Thank you. Do you have a credit card, Mr. Sandals?”

Guest : “Yes, I do. Do you accept American Express?”

Hotel : “Sorry, Sir. Just VISA or MasterCard.”

Guest : “Here is my VISA card.”

Hotel : “Okay. You are in room 507. It is a single queen-size bed, spacious, and non-smoking. Is that suitable?”

Guest : “Yes, it sounds like everything I expected.”

Hotel : “Here is your key, Sir. If you need anything, just dial ‘0’ on your room phone.”

Contoh 3

Hotel : “What name is the reservation under?”

Guest : “We have a reservation under Jill McMann. What time is breakfast served at?”

Hotel : “Complimentary breakfast is served in the lobby between 8 and 10 am.”

Guest : “Is it okay to park out front?”

Hotel : “What type of vehicle are you driving?”

Guest : “SUV.”

Hotel : “Just let me know the license plate number of your vehicle.”

Guest : “Is it too early to check in?”

Hotel : “I’m afraid you can’t check in until after 4 pm.”

Guest : “Okay.”

Hotel : “Just call the front desk if you need any extra towels or pillows.”

Contoh 4

Hotel : “Good morning. Welcome to the Transnational Hotel. What can I do for you?”

Guest : “Good morning. My name is Tom Sanders. I have a reservation for a single room for three nights.”

Hotel : “Alright, Mr. Sanders. Let me pull up your reservation. I can’t seem to find a record of your booking. Did you book the room directly through us, or did you use a hotel reservation service or a travel agent?”

Guest : “I booked it directly through you. I’ve already also paid a deposit on the first night. I have a reservation number if that helps.”

Hotel : “Yes, sure. Can I see that please? Thank you. Oh, I see. Maybe there was a glitch with the booking system. Well, we don’t have any more single rooms available, with the exception of one adjoined room. But, you would then be right next door to a family with children, which might get noisy. But that’s not a problem. I can upgrade you to one of our business suites. They all come with Jacuzzis!”

Guest : “Oh! That sounds nice. But how much more is that going to cost?”

Hotel : “That would of course be at no extra charge to you.”

Guest : “Oh, thank you.”

Hotel : “My pleasure.”

Guest : “What about the wireless internet?”

Hotel : “Oh. It’s really easy. This is your access code and instructions on how to use it. If you have any problems, feel free to call the front desk. And this is a list of all the hotel amenities, like the gym and the indoor pool.”

Guest : “Ah. Thank you very much.”

Hotel: “You’re welcome. Has the valet already taken your car or will you be needing a parking pass?”

Guest : “Oh. I don’t have a car. I took a taxi from the airport.”

Hotel : “Alright. Can I have some form of ID please? And could you just fill out this registration form?”

Guest : “Sure. Here’s my driver’s license.”

Hotel : “Thank you. Oh, you’re from San Francisco.”

Guest : “Yes, I am. All the way from the west coast!”

Hotel : “I hope you had a good trip.”

Guest : “Yes. I did, thank you. The flight was long but it was smooth and I slept almost the whole way.”

Hotel : “And is this your first time in the Big Apple?”

Guest : “Yes, it is. I have a business conference to attend, but I’m looking forward to getting some sightseeing done as well.”

Hotel : “Well, I’d be more than happy to give you some sightseeing tips if you need any.”

Guest : “Thank you.”

Hotel : “Alright. I’ve got you all checked in to your room. This is your room key. You’re in room 653. Just take the elevator on the right up to the 6th floor. When you get off the elevator, turn right. Your room is at the end of the corridor on the left-hand side. Just leave your suitcase here and the bell boy will bring it up.”

Guest : “Great. Thank you very much.”

Hotel : “If you need anything please feel free to dial the front desk. Enjoy your stay.”

Guest : “Thank you.”

Hotel : “You’re welcome”.


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