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Percakapan Memesan Makan (Ordering a Meal)

Salah satu keahlian yang harus dimiliki ketika travelling ke luar negeri adalah memesan makanan dalam bahasa lokal. Kalau kita tidak bisa bahasa lokal, bisa kelaparan di jalan.

Kalaupun kita tidak bisa bahasa lokal, biasanya di tempat wisata banyak yang bisa berbahasa Inggris. Minimal memesan makanan dalam bahasa Inggris harus kita kuasai agar tidak kelaparan.

Nah berikut adalah contoh beberapa percakapan memesan makanan ke pelayan (waiter) di rumah makan atau restoran.

Ordering a Meal

Waiter: Hello, I’ll be your waiter today. Can I start you off with something to drink?

Ralph: Yes. I’ll have iced tea, please.Anna: And I’ll have lemonade.
OK. Are you ready to order, or do you need a few minutes? 

Ralph: I think we’re ready. I’ll have the tomato soup to start, and the roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas.Waiter: How do you want the beef — rare, medium, or well done?

Ralph: Well done, please.

Anna: And I’ll just have the fish, with potatoes and a salad.


Ordering Breakfast

Waitress: Would you like to order now?

Phil: Yes. I’d like bacon and eggs with buttered toast. No jelly.

Waitress: What would you like to drink?

Phil: Do you have hot chocolate?

Waitress: Yes, we do.

Phil: Then, I’ll have a cup of hot chocolate.

Waitress: How do you want your eggs?

Phil: Over easy, please


Ordering Tomato soup, Roast beef, and Mashed potatoes

Waiter: Are you ready to order now, sir?

Ralph: Yes. I’ll have tomato soup, roast beef, mashed potatoes,
and peas.

Waiter: That’s tomato soup…roast beef…mashed potatoes…and peas. How do you want the beef—rare, medium, or well­done?

Ralph: Well­done, please.

Waiter: Anything to drink?

Ralph: Hmmm… just water. I’ll have coffee with my dessert.


Order a She-crab Soup

Waiter: May I take your order, or do you need a few more minutes?

Gina: I think we’re ready.

Claudine: What exactly is the she-crab soup?

Waiter: It’s a regional specialty from the South Carolina low country. It’s a thick soup made from cream, crab meat and crab roe.

Claudine: That sounds delicious. I’ll have that and the mac and cheese, please.

Waiter: That’s good Southern comfort food.

Sam: That sounds good! I’ll have the same.

Percakapan di atas diambil dari DIALOGS FOR EVERYDAY USE (Short Situational Dialogs for Students of English as a Foreign Language) by JULIA M. DOBSON,DEAN CURRY. [link]

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