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Percakapan Polisi Interogasi Terduga Pelaku Kriminal (Police Interrogation)

Masih berbicara soal konteks kepolisian dalam pembicaraan bahasa Inggris, sebelumnya kita sudah membahas tentang istilah-istilah yang biasa digunakan polisi saat berbicara dalam profesi mereka. Namun akan berbeda lagi jika istilah terkait dengan ranah hukum atau sidang.

Nah, dalam artikel kali ini kita akan memberikan kamu beberapa contoh percakapan polisi yang sedang menjalankan tugasnya mengulik informasi atau interogasi. Biasanya, interogasi ditujukan kepada pelaku yang diduga terlibat dalam sebuah kasus kriminal.

Apapun kasus kriminal yang dilakukan, tentu melibatkan pertanyaan dari polisi yang detil untuk menyusun teka teki kejadian kriminal tersebut. Di sinilah istilah-istilah yang spesifik juga digunakan. Tentu saja tak ketinggalan kalimat pertanyaan dengan kata-kata 5W1H.

Langsung saja yuk, kita simak beberapa contoh percakapan polisi yang sedang menginterogasi terduga pelaku kriminal berikut ini. Police ditandai dengan huruf (P) sementara terduga pelaku atau suspect dengan huruf (S).

Contoh 1

Contoh pertama adalah cuplikan rekaman seorang polisi dari Survey pada Oktober 2009 lalu yang telah dirilis berdasarkan Freedom of Information Act.

P: This interview is being tape recorded. I work at the Child Protection Team. What is your full name?

S: James Wilson Savile

P: Ok. You said it earlier it was okay to call you Jimmy?

S: Jimmy, that’s my name, yes.

P: Ok thank you. And Jimmy can you confirm your date of birth for me?

S: 31.10.26.

P: Thank you.

S: That makes me 83 and proud that in 83 years I’ve never, ever done anything wrong.

P: Ok.

S: That doesn’t meant to say that in my business you don’t get accused of just about everything because people are looking for a bit of blackmail or the papers are looking for a story, so they keep going up but if you got to be clear conscience which I have everything is okay.

P: Thank you. So I received reports from a lady. She reported to me that when she was a resident of Duncroft children’s home in Staines, which was a Barnados home, in the late 1970s, she was told by another girl that when Jimmy Savile visited, he touched her over her clothes sexually.

S: Oh! Out of the question.

P: So tell me what you know about the allegations.

S: The main allegations are completely fictional, in fact they are made up, you can tell they’re made up anyway. In your letter, you referred to Duncroft as a children’s home, which it wasn’t, it was a posh borstal, an experiment run by Doctor Barnardos.

P: So when you went there, what kind of contact would you have with the girls when you were there?

S: Talk to them, because the staff used to mingle, the girls used to mingle, and it was just talking. They would be asking me questions about the pop world, and all that sort of stuff, because the staff would be asking no more questions about the pop world than the girls were actually.

P: Ok, so Jimmy is there anything you want to add about the Duncroft or the Girls Choir?

S: No, not at all. It is complete fantasy. It is really, really, really is and neither thing was at a place where you could get away with that they said you’ve got away with, and I wouldn’t want to in the first place anyway, complete fantasy.

P: Ok then, I’ve asked everything we want to. If I just end the interview there, it’s 11.40 and I shall stop the tape.

S: Right.

Contoh 2

Contoh berikutnya adalah pertanyaan saat polisi menginterogasi saksi mata.

P: I would like to ask you some questions, Miss. What is your name?

A: Abigail Humphreys.

P: What is your profession?

A: I’m an optician. I work at the Glasses Shop. You know, the shop next to the bank.

P: Ok, Miss Humphreys, what were you doing at 2.00 yesterday afternoon?

A: I was standing outside the shop waiting for a friend. Suddenly, I saw two people running into the bank. There was a man and a woman.

P: Can you describe them?

A: The man was short and fat. He had long black hair.

P: Short and fat, with long black hair. And what was he wearing?

A: I think he was wearing a black sweater and jeans.

P: Were the jeans black?

A: No, ordinary blue jeans.

P: And the woman, what was she wearing?

A: She was wearing a jacket and black trousers.

P: Are you sure?

A: Yes, she had black trousers.

P: What happened next?

A: After a few minutes, the man came out of the bank carrying a big bag, and then the woman came out. They got into a red car and drove away.

P: A red car. Did you see the numbers on the car?

A: Let me think. I saw a three, a five and I think I saw an eight. But I definitely saw a three and a five.

P: Thank you very much.

Contoh 3

P: I’m just going to ask you some questions. Where were you on the 3rd of August 2017?

S: I was at a café in Greenwich.

P: Who were you with?

S: I was by myself, but an old friend from university was also there having lunch with her partner, and we talked about five minutes.

P: And what is their name?

S: Joanna Crawley.

P: What did you talk about?

S: We hadn’t seen each other in a few years so we were just catching up. She told me she is getting married and asked me what I was doing.

P: When was this? In the morning or in the afternoon?

S: It was at about one o’clock in the afternoon.

P: And why were you having lunch at a café by yourself?

S: Isn’t that common?

P: Answer the question.

S: I was having lunch and working on an article. I’m a writer for a magazine.

P: What magazine?

S: House and home.

P: Did you notice anything unusual while you were eating lunch?

S: No. I go to that café often and it was the same as every other day.

P: What time did you leave the café?

S: At about 2.30.

P: And how did you go home?

S: I walked. I don’t live far.

P: Ok. Thank you for your time.

Ketiga contoh di atas menunjukkan ciri yang sama yaitu sangat detil membicarakan keterangan spesifik yang terkait dengan kejadian. Hal detil itu sangat penting bagi pihak kepolisian untuk mengungkap kasus kriminal yang sedang mereka investigasi.


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