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Kata abbreviation yang berasal dari bahasa Latin brevis yang berarti ‘pendek’, merupakan  bentuk pendek atau singkatan dari sebuah kata atau frasa yang digunakan umumnya pada tulisan untuk mewakili bentuk panjangnya. Abbreviation yang formal (dalam kamus atau dokumen akademis) biasanya diakhiri dengan sebuah tanda titik.

Misalnya: Lib. untuk library / abbr. untuk abbreviation / approx. untuk approximate


Kata acronym yang berasal dari bahasa Latin (acro– yang berarti ‘awalan’ dan –onym yang berarti ‘kata, nama’, merupakan  sebuah kata yang dibentuk dari huruf awal sebuah frasa.

Misalnya: radar = radio detecting and ranging / ASAP = as soon as possible

Meskipun singkatan dalam berkirim pesan dan berinternet ini termasuk banyak digunakan di masyarakat, tidak semua orang mengerti semua singkatan tersebut. Namun demikian ada beberapa singkatan paling umum dan sederhana yang diketahui oleh sebagian besar pengguna internet:

2 to / too
4 for
B be
C see
I eye
O owe
R are
U you
Y why

Kebanyakan singkatan internet dan berkirim pesan ini terdiri dari kata-kata yang informal dan cenderung kasual hingga harus diperhatikan di mana kata-kata tersebut digunakan dan bagaimana penggunaannya.

Popular Texting Abbreviation

Texting abbreviation umum digunakan dalam berkirim pesan melalui pesan instan, media sosial, dan surel.

Abbreviation A to Z

2moro Tomorrow
2nite Tonight
AEAP As Early as Possible
ALAP As Late as Possible
ASAP As Soon as Possible
ASL Age / Sex / Location
B3 Blah, Blah, Blah
B4YKI Before You Know it
BFF Best Friends, Forever
BM&Y Between Me and You
BRB Be right Back
BRT Be right There
BTAM Be that as it May
C-P Sleepy
CTN Cannot talk now
CUS See You Soon
CWOT Complete Waste of Time
CYT See You Tomorrow
E123 Easy as 1, 2, 3
EM? Excuse Me?
EOD End of Day
F2F Face to Face
FC Fingers Crossed
FOAF Friend of a Friend
GR8 Great
HAK Hugs and Kisses
IDC I Don’t Care
IDK I Don’t Know
ILU / ILY I Love You
IMU I Miss You
IRL In Real Life
J/K Just Kidding
JC Just Checking
JTLYK Just to Let You Know
KFY Kiss for You
KMN Kill Me Now
KPC Keeping Parents Clueless
L8R Later
MoF Male or Female
MTFBWY May the Force be with You
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
N-A-Y-L In a While
NAZ Name, Address, ZIP
NC No Comment
NIMBY Not in my Backyard
NM Never Mind / Nothing Much
NP No Problem
NSFW Not Safe for Work
NTIM Not that it Matters
NVM Never Mind
OATUS On a totally Unrelated Subject
OIC Oh, I See
OMW On My Way
OTL Out to Lunch
OTP On the Phone
P911 Parent Alert
PAL Parents are Listening
PAW Parents are Watching
PIR Parent in Room
POS Parent over Shoulder
PROP(S) Proper Respect / Proper Recognition
QT Cutie
RN Right Now
RU Are You
SEP Someone else’s Problem
SITD Still in the Dark
SLAP Sounds like a Plan
SMIM Send Me an Instant Message
SO Significant Other
TMI Too Much Information
UR Your / You are
W8 Wait
WB Welcome Back
WYCM Will You Call Me?
WYWH Wish You Were Here

Popular Internet Acronym

Internet acronym banyak dipakai di website, di forum-forum yang ada di internet, surel, dan obrolan-obrolan di dunia maya lainnya.

Acronyms A to Z

2F4U Too Fast For You
4YEO / FYEO For Your Eyes Only
AAMOF As a Matter of Fact
ACK Acknowledgment
AFAIK As far as I know
AFAIR As far as I remember / recall
AFK Away from Keyboard
AKA Also known as
B2K BTK Back to Keyboard
BTT Back to Topic
BTW By the Way
B/C Because
C&P Copy and Paste
CU See you
CYS Check your Settings
DIY Do it Yourself
EOBD End of Business Day
EOD End of Discussion
EOM End of Message
EOT End of Thread / .. Text / .. Transmission
FAQ Frequently asked Questions
FACK Full Acknowledge
FKA Formerly known as
FWIW For what it’s Worth
FYI / JFYI (Just) For your Information
FTW Fuck the World / For the Win
HF Have fun
HTH Hope this Helps
IDK I don’t know
IIRC If I Recall / Remember Correctly
IMHO In my Humble Opinion
IMO In my Opinion
IMNSHO In my not so Humble / Honest Opinion
IOW In other Words
ITT In this Thread
LOL Laughing out loud
DGMW Don’t get me wrong
MMW Mark my Words
N/A Not Available / Applicable
NaN Not a Number
NNTR No need to Reply
noob / n00b Newbie
NOYB None of your Business
NRN No Reply Necessary
OMG Oh my God
OP Original Poster, Original Post
OT Off Topic
OTOH On the other Hand
PEBKAC Problem exists between Keyboard and Chair
POV Point of View
ROTFL Rolling on the Floor Laughing
RSVP Repondez s’il vous plait (French: Please reply)
RTFM Read the fine Manual
SCNR Sorry, could not Resist
SFLR Sorry, for late Reply
SPOC Single Point of Contact
TBA To be Announced
TBC To be Continued / To be Confirmed
TIA Thanks in Advance
TGIF Thanks God, its Friday
THX / TNX Thanks
TQ Thank You
TYVM Thank You Very Much
TYT Take your Time
TTYL Talk to you Later
w00t Whoomp, there it is; “Hooray”
WFM Works for Me
WRT With Regard to
WTH What the Hell / What the Heck
WTF What the Fuck
YMMD You made my Day
YMMV Your Mileage may vary
YAM Yet Another Meeting
ICYMI In Case you missed it


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