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Contoh Dailiy Activity: Liburan Sekolah ke Edinburgh Skotlandia

Siapa yang tidak suka liburan sekolah? Tentu hal yang satu ini adalah favorit bagi banyak orang!

Bahkan tidak jarang, ketika liburan telah usai, euphoria untuk menceritakan kembali pengalaman semasa liburan juga masih menyenangkan!

Artikel kali ini akan memberikan contoh cerita daily activity semasa liburan sekolah. Cerita kali ini akan berlatar di Edinburgh, Skotlandia, cerita tentang satu hari yang sangat berkesan menjelajahi kota warisan budaya UNESCO tersebut.. Kita simak, yuk!


Perhaps last summer was the best and unforgettable holiday for me. I was spending it in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, known for its cultural heritage.

My family and I decided to explore this World Heritage Sites during our holiday. We were staying in our relative’s house; they have been living in Edinburgh for 10 years. Now let me share with you my experience during the holiday.

It was August 22nd, my second day in Edinburgh. My itinerary was full for that day! I felt like I couldn’t sleep due to excitement.

At 5 am, I already woke up. But the sun shone in Edinburgh at 8 am, so better yet I just waited at the house.

We ate breakfast and packed the essential things for the day’s trip. At 8 am, we went out from the house.

Our first destination was the Old Town. It is an area full of museum, galleries, with labyrinth of cobbled streets and narrow alleyways. I felt like staying in the Harry Potter movie!

One hour after that at 9 am, we dropped by at The Elephant House. Still related to Harry Potter, it is a gourmet tea and coffee shop, the place for JK Rowling searched for her inspiration.

All the interiors in The Elephant House were full of Rowling’s photograph and writings. The tea and cakes here were very scrumptious! From this café, we could see Edinburgh Castle from behind. That was where we will go next.

We came to Edinburgh Castle at 10 am. It was so easy to reach this place because the transportation in Edinburgh isn’t so difficult to understand, even for tourists.

Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress, dominating the skyline of Edinburgh. The historic value of this place is so remarkable! I was stepping on the stairs of Edinburgh Castle to reach the top. From there, I could see the city from the top.

One highlight from my story there: I saw an dog, trained dog, was bringing along a blind grandmother to the Edinburgh Castle. So inspiring!

The journey was not over yet. Next, we took a taxi to Calton Hill. It is not too far from the main street of Edinburgh, and we managed to reach Calton Hill at 12.30 pm.

Edinburgh was known for its hills, it was said that Scotland have been built on seven hills. From Calton Hill, we saw statue similar like the Athenian acropolis. Of course we took a lot of photos here! We also had lunch down the Calton Hill. After that? Of course we made another trip!

At 2 pm, we arrived at Arthur’s Seat. This is the main peak of the group of hills in Edinburgh. Together with my family, we took a hike in this hill located in east of Edinburgh Castle.

The weather was quite friendly so we could finish the track with no fuss. What did I see from above there? Of course the beauty of Edinburgh! All I can see was the historical part of Edinburgh. So lovely! We spent around 4 hours in this place. Why did time fly when we were having so much fun?

At 5 pm, we went home. We had a long and tiring day, but felt so satisfied! Bet I won’t refuse for another chance to explore this beautiful city.

We stayed in the living room along with all the family members and relatives, sharing stories and having so much laughter. Then at 8 pm, I went to bed.

I could sleep so easily because of my enthusiasm for the whole day. Well, at that day, I was already planning to fill my energy because the next day, I would explore the other part of Edinburgh! It was an unforgettable holiday!

Menarik, ya? Begitu detilnya cerita disampaikan, rasanya bagaikan kita turut berada di Edinburgh dan ikut dalam liburan yang tak terlupakan itu!

Semua diceritakan dengan runtut mulai dari pagi hari saat matahari bahkan belum terbit, hingga malam hari. Cerita menjelajahi kota Edinburgh pun diceritakan dengan detil lengkap dengan pergeseran waktunya.

Sangat menarik dan menyenangkan mendengar cerita liburan sekolah, karena setiap momen pasti membekas di hati. Maka tidak berlebihan jika disebutkan bahwa liburan yang berkesan pasti bisa diceritakan ulang dengan detil tanpa kehilangan momen terkecilnya sekalipun. Setuju, bukan?