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Contoh Teks MC Wisuda Kelulusan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Kelulusan adalah momen yang sangat penting yang menandai akhir dari suatu bab dan awal dari bab yang baru dalam kehidupan. Ini adalah waktu untuk merayakan prestasi mereka, merenungkan perjalanan, dan menatap ke masa depan.

Sebagai pembawa acara, memiliki tanggung jawab membuat acara ini menjadi momen yang berkesan bagi para lulusan, keluarga, dan guru-guru mereka.

Dalam artikel ini, kami akan memberikan contoh naskah pembawa acara untuk acara wisuda kelulusan yang dapat kamu gunakan sebagai panduan atau inspirasi dalam membuat naskahmu sendiri.

Ucapan Selamat Datang

Good morning/afternoon everyone and welcome to the (Name of Institution) Graduation Ceremony. We are delighted to have all of you here today to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

I am your host (Name of Host) and I will be your anchoring the ceremony today. We would like to extend a special welcome to our distinguished guests, administrators, faculty members, and most importantly, our graduates and their families who have worked so hard to reach this amazing milestone.

Your presence here today is testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. We hope you enjoy this ceremony and everything it has to offer. Thank you for being here and sharing this special day with us.

Berdoa Sebelum Acara Dimulai

Let us bow our heads in prayer. Gracious and loving God, we come before you today to give thanks for this joyful occasion – the graduation of our students.

We ask for your continued blessings upon all those gathered here today. May the graduates feel proud of all they have accomplished and excited for the future that lies ahead.

We ask for your guidance and wisdom as they enter the next chapter of their lives. We pray for the teachers, staff, and administrators who have helped bring these students to this point, that you would bless them with strength and wisdom in their work.

And we pray for the families and friends of these graduates, that they may feel a sense of pride and joy in this achievement. As we celebrate this special day, may your love and grace surround us all. We ask this in your holy name, Amen

Memperkenalkan Tamu Kehormatan

Today, we are honored to have with us a very special guest – [Name of Guest of Honor]. [He/She] is a remarkable individual who has achieved extraordinary success in [briefly mention achievements or contributions].

[He/She] has been an inspiration to many of us and it is a privilege to have [him/her] here today to share in this special occasion with us.

Please join me in warmly welcoming [Name of Guest of Honor]. Thank you for gracing us with your presence and we look forward to hearing your words of wisdom.

Pidato dari Pimpinan Institusi

Today, we are honored to have with us [insert name and title of speaker], who will be delivering an address on this important occasion.

[If necessary, provide some background information on the speaker.]

[Pause for applause.]

It is with great pleasure that I introduce [insert name and title of speaker] to share words of wisdom with our graduating class. [Speaker takes the stage.]

[After the speech:] Thank you, [insert name of speaker], for sharing such inspiring words. Your wisdom and encouragement will stay with our graduates for a lifetime. Once again, let’s give [insert name of speaker] a round of applause.

Pidato dari Pembicara Tamu

Today, we are honored to have with us [insert name and title of speaker], who [insert short description of their position and achievements].

[Pause for applause.]

[Optional: Provide some additional background information on the speaker.]

[Pause for applause.]

It is with great pleasure that I invite [insert name and title of speaker] to the stage, to share some words of wisdom with our graduates and their families.

[Speaker takes the stage.]

[After the speech:] Thank you, [insert name of speaker], for sharing such inspiring and insightful words with us all. Your perspectives and advice have been invaluable, as we celebrate the achievements of our graduates. Let’s give [insert name of speaker] another round of applause!

Prosesi Pemberian Gelar

We have come to the most awaited and significant part of the ceremony – the Conferral of degrees and diplomas. This is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and perseverance. It is a moment of great pride not just for the graduates but also for their families and teachers who have supported them throughout their journey.

I would now like to invite our esteemed Dean/Chancellor/President to the stage as we begin the Conferral of degrees and diplomas. It is their visionary leadership that inspires us to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Now, may I request all the graduates to stand as I call out their names individually to receive their degrees and diplomas? Graduates, please make your way to the stage when your name is called.

[As each graduate receives their degree or diploma]

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! May you continue to achieve great success in your future endeavors.

Thank you to our distinguished guests, faculty, staff, and families for being a part of this momentous occasion. Let us give our graduates one final round of applause!

Pidato dari Wisudawan Terbaik

It’s an honor for me to invite the most outstanding students of this year on stage for their speeches. It is through their hard work and dedication that they have set an example not just for their peers, but for all of us.

So without further ado, I would like to call upon the following students to come on stage for their speeches: [Call out the names of the best students who will be delivering the speeches].

We look forward to hearing your inspiring words and insights. Please join me in welcoming them to the podium.”

[Once the students have delivered their speeches]

“Thank you for those brilliant speeches! Your words have not only inspired us but also provided valuable guidance to our future generations.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I’d like to wish all the graduates the very best in their future endeavors. Congratulations once again!


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally come to the end of this momentous occasion. It is my pleasure to deliver the Closing remarks.

First and foremost, congratulations to all the graduates! You did an excellent job and we are proud to see you reach this milestone. As you leave this hall today, remember that your achievements do not end here – they are only the beginning of a journey towards a bright and successful future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the faculty and staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the graduates. Without your guidance, mentorship and support, their accomplishments would not have been possible.

To the families and loved ones of the graduates – your presence, support and encouragement have been invaluable. You’ve played a crucial role in their journey towards success and today’s celebration is as much yours as it is theirs.

Finally, as we conclude this ceremony, let us give our graduates one final round of applause. Graduates, you may now move your tassel from the right to the left as a symbol of your graduation.

I would like to invite everyone to join us for a reception in honor of the graduates. Thank you for being a part of this memorable occasion. Please stand for the recessional.”

[As the graduates exit the hall]

“Congratulations again to our graduates! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors. Goodbye and God Bless!


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