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Kata Mutiara Bahasa Inggris Tentang Uang, Kekayaan & Kesuksesan

Berikut adalah beberapa kata mutiara atau quotes tentang uang, kekayaan, dan kesuksesan yang diambil dari buku “Life and Literature Over two thousand extracts from ancient and modern writers, and classified in alphabetical order“, karya J. Purver Richardson

Money, Rich, & Fortune

Experience shows that success is due less to ability than to zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work.

If you would go to the top, first go to the bottom.
—F. Bellamy in Everybody’s Magazine.

Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt, Nothing’s so hard but search will find it out.

Those who accomplish great things always begin with little things.

That success costs too dear, which is attained by any sacrifice of truth, honor, or justice.

He who waits to be absolutely sure of the success of an undertaking, will never undertake it.

The worst use that can be made of success is to boast of it.
—Sir Arthur Helps.

Mediocrity succeeds best in the world.

Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt, Nothing’s so hard but search will find it out.

Those who accomplish great things always begin with little things.

That success costs too dear, which is attained by any sacrifice of truth, honor, or justice.

He who waits to be absolutely sure of the success of an undertaking, will never undertake it.

It is difficult to gather a heap in a long time, but it is easy to squander the whole in a day.

Sir Thomas Sutton, the founder of the Charter House, was one of the wealthiest merchants of his day. Fuller tells how he was overheard one day praying in his garden: “Lord, Thou hast given me a large and liberal estate; give me also a heart to make use of it.”

Riches and care are as inseparable as sun and shadow.

As riches and favor forsake a man, we discover him to be below mediocrity, but nobody could find it out in his prosperity.

I remember when Mr. Locke first came over from Italy. Old Dr. Moore, who had a high opinion of him, was crying up his drawings, and asked me if I did not think he would make a great painter? I said, “No, never!” “Why not?” “Because he has six thousand a year.”

Few men are both rich and generous; fewer are both rich and humble.

Riches serve a wise man but command a fool.

‘Tis strange, the miser should his cares employ To gain those riches he can ne’er enjoy.

Riches:—We see how much a man has, and therefore we envy him; did we see how little he enjoys, we would rather pity him.

My riches consist not in the greatness of my possessions, but in the smallness of my wants.

Without frugality none can become rich, and with it, few would become poor.
—Dr. Johnson.

It is wealth to a man to be able to live contentedly upon a frugal store.

They call him rich; I deem him poor; Since, if he dares not use his store, But saves it for his heirs, The treasure is not his, but theirs.

The generous should be rich, and the rich should be generous.

Very rich men seldom or never whistle; poor men always do.

Who is truly rich? He who is satisfied with what he possesses.
—From The Talmud.

It is difficult to gather a heap in a long time, but it is easy to squander the whole in a day.

Now that I have a sheep and a cow, everybody bids me good morrow.

Prosperity often creates selfishness.
—Thos. D. Brown.

Hard work is still, and always will be, the only road to prosperity.

If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher’s stone.

In ascending the hill of prosperity, may we never meet a friend.

Prosperity makes friends; Adversity tries them.
—Publius Syrus.

Prosperity makes some friends, and what is too true, many enemies.

Prosperity in business is not always a sign or proof of the rectitude of one’s principles.

It shows a weak mind not to bear prosperity as well as adversity, with moderation.

Few, save the poor, feel for the poor.

Poor folks’ wisdom goes for little.

He that thinks he can afford to be negligent, is not far from being poor.
—Dr. Johnson.

Poor and content, is rich and rich enough; But riches, is as poor as winter, To him that ever fears he shall be poor.

Speak gently, kindly, to the poor; Let no harsh term be heard; They have enough they must endure, Without an unkind word.
—George W. Hangford.

The poor, the humble, and your dependents, will often be afraid to ask their due from you: be the more mindful of it yourself.

The poor, who envies not the rich, who pities his companions in poverty, and can spare something for him that is still poorer, is, in the realms of humanity, a king of kings.

The man who says, “Let me wait a little, when I have something to spare, I will relieve the poor,” will never relieve them.

The world caresses the rich, though vulgar and ill-bred, and avoids the poor man of merit in the threadbare coat.

The abundance of money ruins youth.

I almost grow to believe there is a sort of curse on money which is not earned, even when it is bestowed by father on son or daughter. It cripples individual development, and I think only when it is earned is it blest.

A’ complain o’ want o’ siller (money): nane o’ want o’ sense.

Your money cannot change your blood, Although you strut as though it could.

Money Lender; He serves you in the present tense; He lends you in the conditional mood; Keeps you in the subjunctive; And is apt to ruin you in the future!

The love of money is the root of much devotion.

A man’s money is either his master or his slave.

Money doesn’t make happiness. There is many a heart-ache behind plenty of money!
—Nettie S. Murphy.

He who finds no money in his own purse, is still less likely to find it in that of others.

Agassiz said, “I have no time to waste in making money. Life is not sufficiently long to enable a man to get rich and do his duty to his fellow man at the same time.”

No bees, no honey; no work, no money.

Mention money and the world is silent.

Learn never to repine at your own misfortunes, or to envy the happiness of others.

Nothing is more dangerous to men than a sudden change of fortune.

The continuance of good fortune forms no ground of ultimate security.

Fortune gives too much to many, but to none enough.

Good-fortune comes to some people while they are asleep, i. e., without their seeking it.

Good fortune that comes seldom, comes more welcome.

How often it is, in the twinkling of an eye one vicissitude of fortune follows another.

That which we acquire with most difficulty, we retain the longest; as those who have earned a fortune are usually more careful of it than those who have inherited one.

Fortune knocks once at least at every one’s door.

If fortune favors you, do not be too elated; if she frowns, do not despond too much.

Manners often make fortunes.

Fortune sometimes makes quick despatch, and in a day May strip you bare as beggary itself.

The Result of Fortune:—The generality of men sink in virtue as they rise in fortune.
—Sir J. Beaumont.

Don’t live in hope with your arms folded. Fortune smiles on those who roll up their sleeves and put their shoulders to the wheel.

Economy is the easy chair of old age.

He that will not economize may some day have to agonize.

Economy is no disgrace; it is better living on a little, than living beyond your means.

In abundance prepare for scarcity.

Lay up something for a rainy day; it may be needed some day.

Economy is something like a savings-bank, into which we drop pennies and get dollars in return.
—H. W. Shaw.

Take care to be an economist in prosperity: there is no fear of your being one in adversity.

For age and want, save while you may, No morning sun lasts a whole day.

Economy is too late at the bottom of the purse.

Spend not when you must save, Spare not when you must spend.

Happy is, or ought to be, the man who owes nothing.

When thy brother has lost all that he ever had, and lies languishing, and even gasping under the utmost extremities of poverty and distress, dost thou think to lick him whole again only with thy tongue?

Be not frightened at the hard words “imposition,” “imposture;” give and ask no questions. “Cast thy bread upon the waters.” Some have, unawares, entertained angels.

As charity covers a multitude of sins before God, so does politeness before men.
—Lord Greville.

Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame.

Where there is plenty, charity is a duty, not a courtesy.

We step up, when we stoop down, to help the needy.

Give freely to him that deserveth well, and asketh nothing.

It is charity not to excite a hope, when it must end in disappointment.

When you see a man in distress, acknowledge him at once your fellow man. Recollect that he is formed of the same materials, with the same feelings as yourself, and then relieve him as you yourself would wish to be relieved.

Charity—It is another’s fault if he be ungrateful; but it is mine if I do not give. To find one thankful man, I will oblige many that are not so.

He gives double who gives unasked.


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