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Listening: Greeting & Farewell

Mat: Good morning.
Max: Good morning. How are you today?
Mat: Just fine, thanks. How are you?
Max: Wonderful..
Informal Greeting
Don: Hi. What’s up?
Val: Nothing much. What’s new with you?
Don: Not too much. I have been pretty busy.
Val: Me too. Seems like all I do is eat and sleep.
Don: Gotta go. Call me tonight.
Val: Okay. Check you later.
Formal Greeting & Farewell
Paul: Hello. How are you?
Don: Fine, thank you. How are you?
Paul: Fine, thanks. Oh… excuse me, here is my bus. Good­bye…
Don: Good­bye..
Informal Greeting & Farewell
Dic: Hi! How are you?
Hal: Fine, thanks.. and you?
Dic: Just fine. Where are you going?
Hal: To the library.
Dic: O.K. I’ll see you later. So long..
Hal: So long..
Simple Greeting & Goodbye
John: Good Morning…
Alex: Good morning…
John: How are you?
Alex: I am good. Thank you for asking. How are you?
John: I am fine, thank you. My name is Johnson. You can call me John.
Alex: I am Alex. Well… what do you do?
John: I am a lecturer. I work at Harvard University. How about you?
Alex: That’s nice. I work at government agency.
John: It is such a pleasure to meet you today..
Alex: It is very nice to meet you too John..
John: Goodbye…
Alex: Goodbye…
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