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Listening: Conversation at Supermarket

At Supermarket – Out of stock
A: Hi, could you tell me where the BBQ sauce is?
B: You can find it on aisle 2, on the same shelves as the instant noodles.
A: I got there, but I didn’t see the one I’m looking for. I forgot what the brand is, but it’s usually packaged in 1 liter pouch.
B: Oh, it looks like we’re out of stock. Would you like to take the bottled one instead?
A: When will you get another shipment?
B: Usually by Friday. You can come back here the day after tomorrow, it must already be back in stock.
A: Alright then.
At Supermarket – Coffee & Sugar
A: Hello, can I ask you a question?
B: Sure, is there anything i can help Sir?
A: Is this coffee still on sale?
B: Yes Sir, this coffee still on sale, you will get an extra discount too, if you buy with this sugar product.
A: How much does it price if i buy this sugar too.
B: It will cost you $15 for 2 packs of coffee and 1 pack of sugar.
A: Thanks for the information, I’ll buy both.
B: You are welcome Sir, here the shopping basket.
A: Thanks.
At Supermarket – Buying Honey
A: Hi, could you tell me please where the honey is?
B: Oh sure miss, you can go to the aisle 4 on the same shelves as cofee is.
A: Okay, but usually I used this brand, but I could not find it in the shelves.
B: Can I take a look the brand miss?
A: Here.
B: Let me check it first. Miss, the stock just arrived, would you please wait for a while. I will take the honey in the warehouse. How many do you want to buy?
A: It’s okay, I’ll wait. Just two please.
B: Okay.
At Supermarket – Buying Deodorant & Bleach
A: Excuse me.
B: Hi, can I help you?
A: I can’t seem to find the deodorant aisle.
B: That’s over by the skincare products.
A: What about the bleach?
B: You will find that by the detergents.
A: Where is that at?
B: If you go to that corner, you’ll immediately see it in the front rows.
A: Okay. Thank you.
B: Is there anything else you need help finding?
A: Those two would be the last to get for today.


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